Monday, March 6, 2017

All By My Selfie by Jo Noelle | A Book Review

All By My Selfie by Jo Noelle | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm

Again, this is one of those books that I was supposed to post a review last March 1st but was not able to because I was feeling a bit under the weather. 

I signed up to review this book because the title made me curious. It appeared to me that this might be a rom-com. But to my surprise, it was but not just all that. 

This book really surprised me. I didn't expect that this has a paranormal aspect to it. The story made me want to be cautious in taking my next selfies. I'm afraid something else or someone I don't want to see may be in it. Am I scaring you? Don't worry, this story was not scary at all. Like Gwen, I wouldn't mind meeting a handsome highlander, even if he may be from another time. 

I think this story was nicely written that the presence of two different times--contemporary and the past combined with the paranormal aspect worked together really well. It seemed that it could be plausible that this can happen in real life. Oh, what very lucky girl to inherit a mansion in Scotland and meeting your soulmate! Yes, this tale makes for a good wishful thinking. It's like inheriting a rich estate and then winning the lottery.

I give the book 4/5 hot guys wearing kilts. Phew! After reading this story, you will wish you have the same luck as Gwen. You will wish that you too will meet a hot guy in a kilt. Or even without the kilt, just a hot guy. a ship you determine your fate, and not some evil wind.
- Jo Noelle, All By My Selfie - 

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