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The Adventures of Sherlock Bones by Lauren Baratz-Logsted | Blog Tour and Giveaway | Book Review


Author:Lauren Baratz-Logsted
Pub. Date:February 21, 2017
Publisher: Month9Books
Format:Hardcover, eBook
Pages: 150

The Adventures of Sherlock Bones turns snooping on its floppy ear when one day, Dr. Jane Catson, a surgeon injured in the Cat Wars has an afternoon nap interrupted by a most unusual occurrence.

On the front lawn of her home, rather loud footsteps disturb her peace as Sherlock Bones, a Great Dane in a deerstalker claiming to be the greatest detective in the world arrives.

After a quick critical examination of the intrusive dog whose enormous body blocks the entire sun from view, Catson has her doubts. But that’s not all. The monstrously-sized creature makes an even more astonishing claim. He has come to live with her!

Before Catson can collect her thoughts into an intelligent rebuttal, Sherlock Bones has made himself quite at home, inventing things like a jetpack for her Castilian housekeeper-cook, a turtle named Mr. Javier and placing his gigantic food and water dishes next to hers.

But there’s no time for protest. The great detective and Dr. Catson have caught themselves their first case: A suspiciously dead human in a nearby abandoned building. Can Sherlock Bones and Dr. Catson crack the case before the killer strikes again? Or will their differences get in the way of solving Case File No. 1? One thing’s for sure, that would be a doggone shame.

The Adventures of Sherlock Bones: Doggone by Lauren Baratz-Logsted | Blog Tour and Giveaway | Book Review by iamnotabookworm

This is my first to read a retelling of my favorite detective of all time--Sherlock Holmes. What's endearing and amusing about this version is that the main characters are talking animals. Sherlock, of course, is a dog. Much to my delight because I just love dogs. Surprising of all is that Watson is a cat and a female at that. Add in the six cute street urchins as puppies, Sherlock's trustworthy and reliable street informers. The cast of characters alone had me already grinning from ear to ear. This is going to be a riot.

And true to its promise, it was definitely a riot. It was refreshing to meet the two famous classic characters (my favorites) to be in the form of speaking animals. Reading the book was like hearing from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle himself. The trademark Holmes and Watson duo, in this version --Bones and Catson, are both unbelievably very alive and present. Never mind that they are reduced to a more lowly form but the smart dialogs and hilarious conversations were still there. I would say that the author --Lauren Baratz-Logsted had made a great work of stepping into the shoes of the original. She perfectly captured the personalities of the original Holmes and Watson in this fresher version. 

Doggone recounts the story how Holmes or Bones rather, bamboozled into Catson's house and life. How their uncanny partnership, as related in this story (dog-cat tandem) started. How Bones inched his charming, overconfident and blunt self, into Catson's home and heart.

The author definitely maintained (not copied) but bagged the essence of these two famous icons of all time in the detecting world. I could hear the voices of Holmes and Watson even in their animal forms. Not that I did not take them seriously but it was amusing. Holmes and Watson are who they are no matter what form they take, whether they take the form of King Kong and Godzilla. Their personalities and voices are what make them a hit. And this book definitely hit the nail right on the head. It was like the essence of the original two was bottled up and the author just opened the bottle and poured the contents into this fresher and cuter version. And wallah! Holmes, Watson, and company are reincarnated. Which makes me wonder, is the author of this book actually related to the original Conan-Doyle? 

I give the book 5/5 deerstalker hats. This story was a blast. It was easy to read and follow. The author was able to keep the thrill and mystery of the adventures of the original Holmes and Watson. The same way the first version had me reeling and itchy with anticipation. This book is definitely a must-read. Fans of Sherlock Holmes should really read this book, I mean series.

Why is it that anything associated with "girl" is always deemed some sort of insult? You always hear humans say things like, "You run like a girl!"
- Lauren Baratz-Logsted, The Adventures of Sherlock Bones: Doggone - 

Author: Lauren Baratz-Logsted
Pub. Date: February 21, 2017
Publisher: Month9Books
Format:Hardcover, eBook
Pages: 150

After being introduced to Sherlock Bones, the Greatest Detective in the World, in Case File #1: Dogged to Death, Dr. Jane Catson - surgeon and veteran of the Cat Wars - is back to share an all-new mystery adventure with readers. Despite all of Jane's resistance, Bones is now living with her and her housekeeper/chef, the turtle with a jetpack, Mr. Javier. This time out, the mismatched duo's investigations lead them to a case involving murder, of course, and - wait for it! - Utah. If there's one thing readers can be certain of it's that in this world, the animals are always smarter than the humans. Also, did we mention...Utah?

The Adventures of Sherlock Bones: Dog Not Gone by Lauren Baratz-Logsted | Blog Tour and Giveaway | Book Review by iamnotabookworm


Hahahaha. If you just read book one--Doggone, you will feel absolutely incomplete.You have to read book two--Dog not gone to really have the full on Bones-Catson experience. These two books --Doggone and Dog Not Done are like our famous duo. You have to read them one right after the other to have the absolute fill and thrill. 

Dog Not Gone narrates how Bones talked his way into moving into the Catson's house and making him a partner to the detective consulting business without his permission and to his dismay making his living room into a drawing room. 

Come to think of it. If Holmes would be a dog, he would definitely be a Great Dane. His wit and personality would not be fit for a golden retriever. Retrievers are too nice and lovable. Holmes or Bones is lovable but his spunk and bluntness are not of the retriever type. Catson, definitely I did not see him to be a cat, much less a her. Very surprising yet appealing. 

As mentioned in this book, the author undeniably mastered the art of cliff hangers. Just like the original author, she had done them gracefully. Stopping at exactly the right places and pauses. Drawing and enticing the audience with rapt attention. I think she is a promising queen of cliff hangers if this story were to be the basis. Seamlessly done. 

I give this book 5/5 cocker spaniels puppies (although there were 6 mentioned in the book). Strangely, yet amazingly, this is a very good retelling of our (mine and yours) favorite detective and his cohorts. Adorable, lovable and addicting. I too had this strong urge to scratch Bones behind the ears for living up to the original. For a retelling, this is fascinatingly an original. I never thought that Bones and Catson would make a really good fit into following the path of their predecessors, not substitutes, as these two have doubtlessly earned their own paw marks in these two stories. 

I would absolutely watch out for their next adventures. I have become an instant fan of this duo. Good job Lauren Baratz-Logsted! 

Thank you so much, Lauren Baratz-Logsted and Month9Books for this amazing two books. These made my day. These two are what you would surely need when you feel out of sorts or a bit under the weather. These two will sort you out and tickle you back to feeling good or back to your sane self again.

The best is another one of those things like famished or dead - you either are or you are not.
- Lauren Baratz-Logsted, The Adventures of Sherlock Bones: Dog Not Gone - 

Lauren Baratz-Logsted is the author of over 25 books for adults, teens, and kids, including The Sisters 8 series for young readers which she created with her husband and daughter. She lives in Danbury, CT, with that husband and daughter as well as their marvelous cat, Yoyo.

(1) winner will receive a pair of Great Dane Socks (pictured below) and a Bag of Wellness Brand Dor or Cat treats, US Only.

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