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Tomorrow's Lullaby (Chasing Tomorrow) by Lindzee Armstrong | A Book Review

Tomorrow's Lullaby by Lindzee Armstrong | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm!

This is the sequel to Chasing Someday. I am a member of the author's ARC team so I get a copy of her new books to review. Thank you again, Lindzee Armstrong. 

As I have mentioned, this is the next book after Chasing Someday. This is two years after Sienna delivered her baby and had it adopted. She met a cute guy in college named Aaron and he hated his birth mother for giving him up for adoption. The last thing Sienna needs is a guy with baggage. She can't afford any distraction now that she is getting another shot at Juilliard--her ultimate dream. She can't afford to lose it the second time. How would she deal with Aaron and Juilliard? Who would she choose--Arron or Juilliard?

I think this story is not as heavy and emotional as the first one but it has its own moments. Sienna has finally come to terms with her experiences at such a young age. She has accepted that she has to postpone her greatest dream as consequences of her actions. But she now feels better knowing that her baby is in very good hands and she's even allowed to visit and be part of the baby's life. What more could she ask for? Now, she has to focus on her self and her studies and practice more to get to Juilliard. This time there's no way anything or anyone is stopping her. That's what she thought.

Sienna did not expect to fall in love and more so with someone who has an issue with being adopted. Just her luck! Of all the people she will meet and fall in love with, it has to be with someone who would hate her if he found out that she did the same thing. This is some kind of a sick joke, right? 

It seems that Sienna is not only going to deal with Aaron and her baggage but also with the coming back into the picture of her ex--Dane. Yes, her baby-daddy. When it rains, it really pours! Seems like Sienna just got her hands really full and the last thing she needs is again, people who would only distract her and again might lead her to lose Juilliard again. Not this time. I commend Sienna for being a responsible adult this time around and knowing her priorities. She is sticking to her priorities, even though it's not easy and she might have her heart broken again. She deserves to get in to Juilliard and she had made enough sacrifices to just let other distractions ruin her again.

I give this book 4/5 pianos. Sienna deserves a happy ending. Though the story did not exactly tell if she did get in to Juilliard, but I would want to think that she did. She had the guy and her dream. She had worked hard for it and she also had laid bare her heart out to the man she loved, asking only to be understood for the decisions she had made. She was right in saying that what happened to her and her son is not the same as Aaron's. In the end, love overruled everything and she got her very happy-ever-after. After all, Sienna did what she thought what was best for her and the baby. I don't think it should be taken against her. I am also glad that Aaron finally has seen the reason why Sienna and his mom gave up their kids for adoption. Understanding has finally dawned on Aaron and he realized what odds his mom were facing when she had him at such a very young age. Sienna and Aaron were smart enough to realize that their pasts should not get in the way of their future together. They both deserved to be happy. 

Pasts had a tendency to follow a person, no matter how much that person changed.
- Lindzee Armstrong, Tomorrow's Lullaby -  

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