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Forever Eve by JB Lexington | A Book Review

Forever Eve by JB Lexington | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm!

I got this book from Instafreebie a while back but had not gotten to read it right away. I know I have said a few posts back that I am slowly and painstakingly catching up on my TBR. And is still the case. This is one of those books that I have lined up to read but had not been able to get to it. Thankfully, I can check this off the list.

This story is about past lives. The main character here Izabel was forced to undergo a regression session scheduled by her best friend. Her best friend bailed so she was left with no choice but to do it alone. To her surprise, she found very interesting information about her past life as Eve.

I found the subject of past lives and regression very interesting. I am not yet sure if I believe in it but the thought that it could be true is a very amazing possibility for me. It somehow touches more controversial subjects such as reincarnation and soul mates which are still a source of debate. But the idea of having a soul mate is very romantic and magical. Who wouldn't want one, right? Who wouldn't want one person to love  and love you back through eternity and surpassing a number of lifetimes. It's the epic, eternal love, if there is such a thing as forever.

I think Izabel's life would have just been OK if not for her meddling artist best friend. But because of her, Izabel's life suddenly became too alive and promises possibilities she never thought would happen to her. Stumbling on information about her supposedly past life had made Izabel curious and she realized she has quite lived her life very conventionally. Now, she wants to take risks and maybe live her life out of the box just like what her best friend kept telling her. And to her amazement, it's very liberating.

This is a well-written story which will make you believe in the possibilities and promises of a supposed past life/lives. It makes you think if somehow what you have done in the past has a lasting effect in your current lifetime. Would there be a chance to right wrongs? It somehow also points to the reality of karma. I know, in some way, there is a thing called karma but we don't honestly really believe in it, right? Because if we do, then why are some people never afraid of hurting other people tremendously? I personally believe that what you put out into the world will eventually get back to you. So, whether it's kindness or otherwise, it has a way of finding it's way back to where it came from.

I give the book 4/5 paintings. I am very curious in the subject of past lives. I want to find what I was in my past life, if that ever is true. I want to know how it's now affecting my current life. Maybe it will somehow explain why some of my undertakings or efforts have not paid off. Maybe it will shed some light as to how I should deal with life. And maybe, there is a soul mate hidden in there somewhere. 

You know, for someone who claims to love me so much, you spend an awful lot of time hurting me. And making me cry.
- JB Lexington, Forever Eve -  

Thank you JB Lexington for the copy.

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