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Chasing Someday by Lindzee Armstrong | A Book Review

Chasing Someday by Lindzee Armstrong | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm!

I read this book way back early June. I thought I posted a review already. Yes, I am buried deep in unwritten reviews. I thought I have gotten it under control but something came up that I had to spend more energy and time on. Don't worry, reading books and posting reviews is already a permanent activity in my life. I will never give it up. This is the only thing that is keeping me sane enough in this chaotic and absolutely crazy world.
This is a story of married women who are having a hard time getting pregnant again or unable to conceive at all. Three women--Megan, Christina and Kyra. These three met in a school book drive and found that they have something more in common. These three will help each other get through the biggest problem in their lives so far.
The story is very realistic. It perfectly mirrors the emotional and psychological strains a woman goes through when she finds out that she her womb can't carry or grow a baby. It depicts the toll that is weighing on the persons involved, the marriage and the people closest to those persons. It creates a ripple effect of worry, concern and emotional drain on everyone involved, especially the main woman concerned and her husband. Infertility kind of brands or marks a woman for life of being unable to perform her duties as a wife and mother or has failed in being just a woman.
Chasing Someday is a very fitting title to this book. It explains the whole story in these two words. The three main characters were indeed chasing someday. The what could have been, what might have been and what will be if they were able to fulfill their greatest desire--to be a mother. These three women found strength in each other in their shared struggle to be the wife and mother that they wanted to be. To have that complete family they have been dreaming for. 
This is a very hopeful story yet you have to go through a very emotional state first before getting to the most amazing part. Just like the saying, it gets worst before it gets better. These three women went through the worst before they saw the silver lining in all the emotional turmoil and grief they have to go through. The waiting itself was almost killing them but like always, it's always worth the wait. Things seemed to have worked out for each of them with each other's help. Never giving up even when the odds were all against them. 

Aside from the three women in the story, there is another one mentioned here. She is Megan's piano student who got pregnant in her teens and the boyfriend did not want her to keep the baby. Her story posed a great contradiction to the three women's problems because here she is, in her youth and prime, with endless possibilities ahead of her. Yet, all her dreams and hopes seemed to have vanished because of a baby, while the three woman had been wanting and dreaming of one. This is kind of one of life's jokes, right? But no one's laughing.

I give this book 4/5 negative pregnancy tests. This s a very emotional story that will wring your heart out. I am in my mid-thirties and single and I pray that I wouldn't have to go through what all of these three women have when the time for me to want a child/children of my own. I know of a friend who also had a hard time conceiving and she was so frustrated that she somehow want to also make everyone around her feel that. She was so full of negativity that I had to distance myself from her because I don't have enough strength to battle her negativity. I too was going through some problems of my own during that time. For those who are fortunate to not have to go these very trying experience, be the best mother you can be and love your kids with all you have because some do not the privilege to have that gift. And for the rest of us, these women like the three in the story need our empathy and understanding. I don't think it's their fault if there's something wrong with their uterus or any feminine parts. If they have any control over those, they would have done everything to make them work right and get that bouncing beautiful baby they have been praying and dying for.

I never realized how much I want children until I was told it might not be possible.
- Lindzee Armstrong, Chasing Someday - 

Thank you again, Lindzee Armstrong for the copy. 


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