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Yesterday's Promise (Scottish Historical ) by Michelle Paige Holmes | A Book Review

Yesterday's Promise by Michelle Paige Holmes | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm!

I got this from I love historical fiction and this one falls under the same genre. This is the second book that talks about Scotland and the Scots that I have read one after the other. Yes, imagine kilts and tartans. Accents that are a bit hard to understand and highlanders. All that are in this story.

This story will take us back to Scotland in 1761. Yes, that far back. A time when clans are in play and England is trying to takeover the Scots. Katherine is about to meet her future-husband Laird Collin McDonald. She was promised to marry this Scottish lord whom she hasn't seen before. She can't seem to refuse because a settlement will be give to her family in return, which they badly needed at this time.

I was imagining my reaction if I were in Katherine's place. Would I runaway or face my future bravely, even with dread? I don't think any girl would fancy meeting her future-husband on the day of the wedding itself. I don't think it is romantic at all. It is very scary. Lucky for Katherine, she is not marrying a total stranger after all. In fact, she might just be marrying her sort-of childhood sweetheart. 

I love little Katie! She is just full of spunk and so brutally honest. I really liked the first thing he said to young Collin--I will wipe my grandpa's face and now, you can apologize. You should be nice. A very smart thing to say for such a very young child. I didn't think words like that would come from such a young mouth. And the rest of the her words were cleverer still. I would love to adopt little Katie for her being honest and direct. We all could take a lesson from her.

Collin, on the other hand, is an epitome of a gentleman. He kept his promise, even if it meant putting his life in danger. He would protect Katherine with his life until she would claim what is rightfully hers. Her claim to her Scottish heritage is not going to be easy but Collin will make sure that the promise he made to Katie's grandpa will be done, for it would also mean the peace for all of the clans in the Scottish highlands. 

I also love the about Katie's special ability. It added more appeal and magic to the already mysterious highlands and moor. 

I give the book 4.5/5 tartan colors. A tartan stands for a clan, or like the colors of a Scottish clan. According to wikipedia, a plaid is a tartan cloth slung over the shoulder as a kilt accessory, or a plain ordinary blanket such as one would have on a bed. Like in the story, a tartan is sort of an emblem for each Scottish clan. It is very important. I learned a lot of the Scottish culture from the story. The Scots are very brave and loyal people. And it isn't a wonder why until today they may seem like a separate race from the Brits. 

I will give you my heart at the rising of the moon and the settling of the stars. To love and honor through all that may come.
- Michelle Paige Holmes, Yesterday's Promise -  

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