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Nobody's Goddess (Never Viel #1) by Amy McNulty | A Book Review

Nobody's Goddess by Amy McNulty | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm!

I got this from Library Thing, I think last year but has been unable to read it until now. This story has paranormal, romance and time travel thrown into the mix. Until now, I am still unsure if I like the story but it was interesting.

I think what caught me with this is the title. Yes, what's a "Nobody's Goddess"? Satisfyingly, that question was answered in the story. 

Of course, judging by the title--goddess, the protagonist of the story is a girl--Noll. A young woman or a seventeen-year old whose love is unrequited. What's more painful is the person she loves and wants to be with is in love with her sister. Her best friend in the world is in love with her more-attractive-yet-lacking-in-personality sister. What a sad and cruel world!

In a world where women dominates and men have to wear a mask their whole life if his love or wife does not return his love. Or if the woman does refuse the man's love, the man is bound to find himself banished in the commune to live a life of poor distaste, grief and shame. Noll, wanting to find out who started this whole thing about a man loving and worshipping only one woman in his entire life, sought out the Master in the castle.  And that, later on lead her to an incredible experience in a time way far back from her own. What she found was the reason why women were treated as goddesses and who was the person responsible for it--the first goddess. And realizing the root of her problem was like a sharp slap to her face which stung a lot.

This is a sad tale. Finding out that the one you love does not love you back is painful but chooses to spend forever with your sister is adding salt to the already gaping wound. Then, finding out the person responsible for that sad reality is even more devastating. But the redeeming quality of the story is Noll's realization that she actually could do something to change things and give some men a choice to find someone else to love and not die in grief, when that other person does not return the love. It comes full circle and whatever mistakes or misdeeds done in the past will be better in the future. Oh, I would give anything to be able to do something like that. To change the present or the future by going back to some time in the past. Honestly, I don't have regrets. I can't take back or undo whatever happened in my life but there are times I wish my life was way better than it is now. Or the lot I was given in life, like what if my family were rich and I was not bullied or was an easy target for some people's rudeness. I am not sure if these would make my life a lot better but sometimes you just wish that you were someone else or some place else or circumstances were different. I do live a different life in my imaginings. At least, that is a lot safer, no collateral or irreversible damages.

I give this book 3/5 swords. The story is interesting and a very well-thought out plot but I was not so drawn into it. I am not sure if I liked Noll but she definitely has a very spirited and spunky personality which is very admirable. And I do feel sorry for her that her best friend is not in love with her. I do feel her but in some way, there is a part where I cannot totally relate to her. I do like her real name, Oliviere. It does slide off the tongue beautifully. I can't blame the Master wanting to call her by that name. It's a very unique name because it sounds like a name of a boy and a girl given that name is very cool. I wish my name is as cool as that.

I could live without love . I'd accepted that by now. I wasn't sure I could live without freedom.
- Amy McNulty, Nobody's Goddess - 

Thank you again Librarything and Amy McNulty for the copy.

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