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The Last Man She'd Love by Summerita Rhayne | ARC | A Book Review

The Last Man She'd Love by Summerita Rhayne | ARC | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm!

I got this review request through the Contact Us link of this blog. This story is set in India and gives us a perspective into the inner workings of most rich Indian families. The family dynamics, how marriages are made and how their culture is similar and different from the my culture and the rest of the world.

I have not read of any works of the author before this so I don't know what to expect. I didn't even know that she is from India before reading the story. But knowing a few things about the author and from her culture is a really good learning experience. And it's fascinating reading a story set in her land and showcasing her culture. It's as good as an invitation to getting to know the author more.

This is a story about two people who work together. The guy is the boss of a movie production company. The woman is one of his creative directors. The guy-Guy, is a flirt. He often drops flirty suggestions in conversations with Lyna. At first, they were all harmless and Lyna would often respond back with cold and sarcastic retorts. Until, they realized that the flirting started to get less harmless and Lyna is starting to get confused if she will take Guy up on his innuendos.

The best part of this story is when the two were forced to act like they were engaged, to appease their families and for damage-control for the embarrassment from the unfortunate video that was uploaded on social media. It was really interesting knowing about the family of Guy and their dynamics. The family secrets, fights and scandals. It was like being shown into the lives of the truly rich in India.

At first, Guy may seem like a jerk and a conceited person. A man full of himself but as it turned out, he has a soft side to him. And Lyna, acting as cold as the Arctic was no use to Guy's heated flirty attempts. Staying in Guy's childhood home and meeting his family has shown Lyna the real Guy and she ended up melting like the icebergs helpless against global warming.

I give this book 3/5 peepal trees. It's nice to know more about the marriage aspect of the Indian culture. It was a really good learning experience. I liked how Guy can turn a flirty banter into a funny and witty exchange. I especially like the one about him being a knight in a shining armor. It was just so witty and a little funny. The host of other interesting characters, especially Guy's family was also very interesting. The eccentricities of each character added more color to the story. The only small kink I found in the whole book was the use of not so common words. In a way, I understand because the author might be more attuned to British English. I just wished simpler words were used to be more relatable to the audience.

Maybe it's a kind of circle. Some give pain and some others accept it and that's how nature equates itself.
- Summerita Rhayne, The Last Man She'd Love -  

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