Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Books from Netgalley

I signed up for Netgalley last October 10, 2016. I have found a lot of very interesting books and new authors. I have earned a few badges from them. This month celebrates my one year anniversary for being a Netgalley member and reviewer. So far, I have reviewed 29 books of the 42 that I have signed up for.

Thank you Netgalley and I am looking forward to meeting more authors and live vicariously through more new books. Cheers!

Books from Netgalley by iamnotabookworm!

If you are not yet a member of the site, go ahead and sign up.

One secret to get approved to review books is to use the "Read Now" link on the Find Titles tab. The titles under this category are like auto-approved to be sent to anyone who wants to review the book. This was how I started my Netgalley profile until I got an auto-approval from publishers.

Professional Reader

Each member starts with this badge, to acknowledge your contributions in helping books succeed.

        Professional Reader

Reviews Published

Members receive this badge when 3 or more of their reviews have been added to any NetGalley title details page by a publisher. (You can see which reviews have been added on your Shelf, under Feedback Sent.)

Reviews Published

25 Book Reviews

Members earn this badge based on total number of books reviewed.
25 Book Reviews

Here is a complete list of the titles I have chosen on Netgalley. Feel free to tag include some in your TBR and check out my reviews. Just click on the titles.



Freefall by Joshua David Bellin - book copy expired, wasn't able to save an unencrypted copy
 The Jerusalem Parchment by Tuvia Fogel 
 Need to Know by Karen Cleveland
 The Eden Legacy by Harold Gershowitz
 Carry Me Home by Jessica Therrien
 Watch Over Me by Jody Gherman
 Moonlight Over Manhattan by Sarah Morgan
 Lantern: The Complete Collection by Chess Desalls
Total 44

Reviewed 39
Read 1
Unread 2
Expired 1
Reading 1


 Dreaming on an Arabian Carpet by Igor Martek
 Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones
 Qumran by Jerry Amernic
 Dreams and Reason by Juliet Valcourt
 The Fix by Lisa Wells
 No Prince Charming (Secrets of Stone Book 1) by Angel Payne, Victoria Blue
☐ The Senator's Assignment by Joan E. Histon
☐ Karna's Wheel by Michael Tolbert
Total 8

Unread 6
Read 2