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Beauty and the Beast: A Real Life Fairytale (Silver Creek Novella Series #2 ) by Jamie Brook Thompson | A Book Review

Beauty and the Beast: A Real Life Fairytale (Silver Creek Novella Series #2 ) by Jamie Brook Thompson | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm!

This is Jamie Brook Thompson's version of the classic Beauty and the Beast. Unlike Disney's re-imagined movie, this is a very modern take on the oldie-but-goodie tale. If I was impressed with the author's Cinderella version, I was not so by this one but it goes without saying that this story has its own merits. 

Belle here is a beautician. If I think about it, it's not so unexpected considering the story. I wished she were something else. Something more surprising like Cindee's character in Cinderella. I just thought it was too obvious that was what Belle's character would be like. I just didn't find anything so noteworthy about it. Beast on the other hand, Adam Anderson in this story, is very interesting, if not mysterious. The kind of beast that he portrayed here is so curious and it drew me in. I wanted to know how his character is in parallel to the original one. Another thing I liked about the story is how Belle and Adam met. It was akin to the wolf scene in the latest movie, only Belle was the one surrounded by the dogs and not his father. 

I did enjoy this story. It was so straight-forward and there was no beating around the bush. Their love story progressed rapidly. It was like a May-December love affair yet you can feel how the characters were so drawn to each other that you will tend to agree with the immediate plans to tie the knot. 

I give this 3.5/5 Darth Vader helmets. As I have said, I just wished Belle's character was more unexpected and as bad-ass as that of Cindee in the first book of this series. I just thought she could have been more than just being a beautician. She was feisty though. Nevertheless, Belle did step-up and showed that she wasn't some weak woman who was just going to take all the beating. That was a redeeming quality that put a happy-ever-after ending to this story.

Thank you again, Kathy of for the copy.

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