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Henrietta and the Dragon Stone (The Five Kingdoms #2) by Beth Barany | A Book Review

Henrietta and the Dragon Stone (The Five Kingdoms #2) by Beth Barany | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm!

This is the sequel to Henrietta the Dragon Slayer. I received book marks from the author. I can't remember how that happened. Maybe it was one of those giveaways I joined and not remember anymore. Anyway, I emailed the author thanking her for the bookmarks. She also asked me if I already have a copy of Henrietta and the Battle of the Horse Mesa, Book 3 of this series. I already have it but mentioned to her that I do not have book two yet. She was so generous that she sent me this book. Thank you so much, Beth Barany.

This continued the events following that of Henrietta the Dragon Slayer. It picked up right where the first book left off. Henrietta, with the dragon stone in her possession, set out to go home and heal her sick mentor-the Master Blacksmith. Unfortunately, she came a bit late and more devastating surprises are awaiting for her. 

I was not so impressed with the first book but I did enjoy this second installment. I finally appreciated the story and found myself rooting for Henri. I have seen the light of day and now I am converted. I am now a fan. I liked that more of Henri's character is revealed in this story which I think helped in my conversion. Henri is shaping up to be the heroine I would gladly follow in her adventures. 

A new set of characters were introduced in this story. Henri met new friends and new allies. She is back in her hometown and old wounds and pains seemed to have reopened and visited Henri again. Her failures are now back to stare her in the face and she can't afford to fail like just before. She has to succeed in her new mission. 

A new enemy also threatens the peace and order of the Five Kingdoms. Henrietta does not know who this evil is and that he is also after the dragon stone. This book is promising an onset of a war. I am looking forward to know what new adventures and perils await our heroine and her friends in the third book. 

I give this 4/5 green stones. Finally, this story has captured my interest. This adventure is just starting for me. I am excited for the next book. I am sure Henri would be able to fully showcase her skills. 

A trust forged in the fire of adventure is steadfast for life.
- Beth Barany, Henrietta and the Dragon Stone -

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