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You Shook Me All Night Long (Scorned Lovers #1) by Simone Harlow | A Book Review

You Shook Me All Night (Scorned Lovers #1) by Simone Harlow | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm!

Do you have a bucket list? I do. I even have a bookworm bucket list. Yes, I have two separate bucket lists. One mostly involved trying new adventures and experiences. The other one has more to do with bookish things and places. How about a life list? Do you have one? What's the difference between a bucket list and a life list? A bucket list is more like things to do before you die. You have your whole life or lifetime to check off the list. While a life list refers to the now. A list of more urgent or immediate things to do. It's like a short-term plan while a bucket list takes longer. A list of things that will involve going out of your comfort zones.

Why am I talking about these lists? The story I am reviewing today talks about a life list. Charlotte Lambert was left with a broken heart and a list of things--new and daring experiences to try after her twin sister died. This list forces Charlotte to go back to the land of the living. One item on the list has something to do with a rock star. Will Charlotte honor the last wish of her sister or continue to refuse to join the dance of life?

Honestly, I think I like this list that Vivienne left Charlotte. It is indeed a sure way to move past whatever hard time a person is going through but it also comes with its own consequences depending on the kind of daring the activity requires. This list requires jumping first and ask questions later. I say I like the list but I don't think I am that bold to finish it. It seems exciting but I'd prefer the safer adrenaline-inducing experiences like bungee-jumping or climbing mountains. I think I would skip the ones that would likely hurt people or myself. I don't think I can actually steal but I think I can lie. But I'd make sure the lie would have no life-changing results or permanent damage. I also think that if I were as broken as Charlotte was, then I probably would be desperate enough to try what she did if only to feel alive again. If by ticking off the list, I'd be able to feel things that I thought I would never experience again. If I'd been feeling like a void like Charlotte, then I may actually just finish off the list if it would be the only thing that would make my heart beat again.

If like in this story, something you do out of desperation will eventually bring out a better version of yourself or allow a special person to come into your life and help patch your broken spirit again, then why not? I would gladly wallow in that desperation if only for the hope that something extraordinary will come out of it. But life doesn't guarantee any of that. In this story, it was kind of fate for Charlotte and Travis to meet. They each needed to get over a tragedy and they found each other. It was like meeting a person who totally understands the pain your going through because he too is trying to deal with that same pain. He too is currently licking his wounds.

I give this 4/5 hummingbirds. The story explores the possibilities of living life out of your comfort zones. What are its benefits and consequences. Are you willing to screw all other people's expectations and just live according to your terms and the best way you know how to? Or are you going to live like there's no tomorrow sans the aftermath? The story also talks about family background and dynamics. How it plays into choices and decisions a person makes. In this story, Vivienne and Charlotte are twins but they are opposites. Vivienne was so daring and Charlotte was so intent on not crossing boundaries and lines. Charlotte was content to stay in the safe zone until she realized that nothing could protect her from the pain and void that Vivienne's parting will cause. She has to, in-a-bizarre-kind-of-way, live dangerously like Vivienne if only to feel her pulse and blood rushing again.

Personally, I have learned to live by the present. It helps when you have friends who do. I have learned that we need to celebrate every triumphs and successes, no matter how small. To enjoy each victory, no matter how brief because these little things and little joys actually would mean a lot in the bigger scheme of things and in the long run. I guess, these moments somehow made me hold on. I admit, I have come to times when I think I might have been a little too close to the edge. It also means that you acknowledge defeats and mistakes and move on from them. Do not linger and over examine. That's the idea but it doesn't exactly work that way all the time. Worrying and stewing over an error or an issue can never be avoided but "living in the moment" means not torturing yourself over it. Move on and learn from that mistake. Your past does not make your whole being. It does not sum up your whole existence. Do not wallow in it. Wish it were that simple in practice.

This was how my thoughts were working after reading this story. A simple list launched this story into deeper territories and emotions. It examined issues. I guess, my thoughts were geared into this direction probably because I too was going through some tough time and I think this story showed me a radical perspective. Definitely, this story shook me.

Thank you, Carol of Star Angels Reviews. I got this ARC last January but I think I might have overlooked the email and only got to read this last April.

Life is tragic, but then the wonderful sneaks up on you and you can go on.
- Simone Harlow, You Shook Me All Night -