Monday, June 19, 2017

World of Shawn by Jordan M. Elrich | A Book Review

World of Shawn by Jordan M. Elrich | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm!

One review said that this is a nice original take on parallel universe. I do agree. A parallel universe where the characters in your favorite video game come to life and become part of your reality. I think it would be nice if a handsome prince or hero comes to life and becomes your hero. But what if it's dragons and evil villains wrecking havoc? Doesn't sound fun, does it?

If you are into game developing and online gaming, you would definitely like or have a blast with this book. Me? I was not so keen. I admit, the idea is great. Very unique. But I was just not so sold on it. One reason is that it was a bit hard to keep up or it gets confusing when you are dealing with multiple clones of the fictional video game character. There were times that I was lost on who was being referred to--the real life Shawn or the video game character. The distinction was not so clear so it was easy to get lost and not follow the movement of the characters. I wish the writing was a little smoother so the confusion could have been avoided. I did get the gist of the whole story but I wished it was more. It just did not allow me to get involved. 

I give this 2/5 computer monitors. I guess, this story is just not for me. I was not drawn into this parallel universe and I was not moved to participate. I guess, being unable to clearly and thoroughly picture out the scenes in this story contributed to it. 

Quantum physics, especially quantum computing, is much an unknown branch of science. It turns existing physics and science on its head; the possibilities are exciting--extremely efficient computing...teleportation, even time travel; we really don't know what all this can or can't do.
- Jordan M. Elrich, World of Shawn -  

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