Friday, June 16, 2017

Country Heaven (Country Love Series #1) by Vicki Green | Audiobook | A Book Review

Country Heaven (Country Love Series #1) by Vicki Green | Audiobook | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm!

I am not exactly into cowboy stories. I won this audiobook from the author's giveaway. Thank you again, Vicki Green for this audiobook prize. 

The best thing about audiobooks is that they take your reading experience to another level. Hearing how the characters sound elicits more involvement from the reader. I have come to the point where I basked in the glory of audiobooks. They are an experience book lovers should not miss. The only downside is I haven't mastered the art of bookmarking quotes and memorable conversations in audiobooks. A challenge I am willing to take in my next audiobook session.

As I have said, I am not into a lot of cowboy books. I have read some and this one is one of its kind. Aside from the fact that this came in an audiobook, which enhanced its appeal, the characters and the story is just as endearing. The two main characters are from totally different worlds. Their worlds collided when Sadie, a city girl who loves to party, was sent by her dad to Memphis' ranch as a punishment so she will change her ways. Memphis on the other hand is unsure of how this brat will fare with the hard labors of the ranch.

Memphis is a true-blooded cowboy to the heart. He grew up in the ranch which was a product of his Pa's hard work and is now passed on to him. The ranch is his life until Sadie came and turned his world upside down. If I wanted to meet a real cowboy, I wanted him to be just like Memphis. He is a textbook and perfect example of a true-blue cowboy.

Sadie and Memphis' first meeting was not ideal. They both turned each other off. It was hilarious and cute to hear this two bicker and Sadie surely tested the limits of Memphis patience and gentlemanly manner. Sadie was an irritating brat at the beginning but later realized that she had no choice but accept her situation and face it. Her transformation was a feast to behold. How she changed into someone who can do things on her own, physical labor at that, like milking cows and tending to the horses made her realize that there is a world outside of parties and drunken nights. How her relationship with Memphis changed was also very gradual and a delight to the senses. She had to understand how important the ranch is to Memphis and learn to see the beauty of the land before her to appreciate all the hard work she contributes to the whole operation.

The story isn't just about the transformation of Sadie. It's also about how people in the country help each other through bad times. This was a sweet read yet thought-provoking. It makes you understand the hardships and the toils required to keep a ranch. It's no easy feat. The story has a happy ending and the best thing was how Sadie found her niche. She found what she really wanted to do and what she was good at. So, her being exiled to the ranch was the best thing that ever happened to her. 

I give this 5/5 pairs cowboy boots. This story was very engaging and Memphis just melts my heart to puddles. I am actually looking forward to the rest of the books in the series. I am curious if I am going to totally fall into this genre or just dip into this sparingly. I have enjoyed this read.