Thursday, June 15, 2017

Cinderella: A Real Life Fairytale (Silver Creek Novella Series #1) by Jamie Brook Thompson | A Book Review

Cinderella (A Real Life Fairy Tale #1) by Jamie Brook Thompson | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm!

I got this from I love retellings and modern fairy tales. As obvious as the title, my favorite fairy tale classic is given a modern twist and a new breath of life. The author--Jamie Brook Thompson, took on the challenge of retelling classic fairy tales and making them alive in a contemporary setting. I have read three of these and have been very impressed and overjoyed. Makes me hope that maybe, I too can have my own fairy tale just like the unfortunate ladies in her stories who found their princes and true love.

First of the three fairy tales that Miss Thompson tackled is Cinderella. The heart of the classics. I think every girl who has read her story wants to end up with a prince and escape the life of hardship and pain. Whoever doesn't? 

I love that Cindee  in this story is a strong and bad-ass woman. An in-demand mechanic in the small town of Silver Creek. What could be more bad-ass than that? I just dig it. The main character is portrayed oozing with strength and spunk. She's not some hopeless damsel in distress. She is working hard to get to a goal. Like the original tale, Cindee is an orphan and was taken under his Uncle's care. Unfortunately, the uncle is often passed out drunk throughout the whole story. The only good thing is he is good to Cindee. Her aunt with a daughter from a previous marriage are the ones making her life miserable. Her only hope of getting out from the shed (literally, she lives in the shed, not in the main house) is to save enough money to get her own space to be away from the sharp claws of her aunt and step-cousin.

Prince Charming comes in the form of Henry Christensen. The town's most eligible bachelor and Cindee's crush since high school. A guy who sees Cindee beyond her greasy and dirty appearance. One who wants to pursue his own dreams and not the path set by his family. Cindee and Henry have a lot in common than they ever know.

Wow! I know Cinderella's story had been given a thousand versions but this is the farthest it could take from the original yet preserve the essence of the classic fairy tale. I just love this story! This is probably the best so far that I have encountered. Very low-key, no flamboyant or excessive productions. A very simple story yet hit its mark.  And the setting, no palace or kingdom but just a small town. A small town brimming with interesting characters that are going to be called forth to take center stage in the next stories of the author. Another merit to this is it's not too lengthy. The story was direct to the point. No dilly-dallying yet able to capture all the necessary ingredients for it to work and worm its way to the heart of the readers. Yes, definitely, you will fall in love again with Cindee's prince charming and that Cinderella's story could still be anyone's--even yours.

I give this more than 5/5 delicious and mouth-watering cupcakes. I need not say more. You have to read the book to experience this sweet and warm-and-fuzzy-all-over story. Thank you again, Kathy of and Jaime Brook Thompson. I am looking forward to read the rest of the fairy tales given a new life by your creativity. Hopeful and inspiring.

Life isn't about waiting for Prince Charming, or fitting that glass slipper. It's about having a plan and going for it.