Thursday, June 15, 2017

Solomon's Bell (The Genie Chronicles #2) by Michelle Lowery Combs | A Book Review

Solomon's Bell (The Genie Chronicles Vol. #2) by Michelle Lowery Combs | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm!

I had been quiet lately. I had been unable to post reviews. For this month, I only have three so far and we are already half way in June. I am still playing catch up. I don't know if I will eventually be able to write reviews right away after reading a story. I had found that it saves a lot of time and on electric bills if I post more than one review at a time. So, instead of posting a review everyday, it makes a lot of sense to post multiple reviews at least once or twice in a week. I can cover a lot of items on my TBR in between writing and some other things happening in life.

This story follows right after Heir to the Lamp. You can check out the review here. I read this last month right after the first book. I was so entranced by the story that I had to read the second book right away. There was no use waiting or taking a break. This talks about the myth of the bell of Solomon. Yes, the one in the bible, that same guy. This bell is purported to have magical powers of great proportions. 

I am in awe as to how the author presented Solomon's bell into being a part of the story. It was very clever and the background story was very finely done. It became part of the story without a glitch and brought an all new level of adventure to this already packed fantasy. The fact that the story went from about genie in the modern times to time travel, mythical creatures and ancient artifacts is just so much experience in one story. I was really pulled into it all. Just like being sucked helplessly into the a whirl-wind, I was brought to adventures beyond my imagination can conjure. 

This story also reminds me of another book--Snow in August by Pete Hamill. This story and that of Hamill's both have golems, rabbis and Prague in them. Did I say Prague? Yes, Prague with its own old astronomical clock tower, old churches and castles. Oh, I just love the story of how that clock tower came to be and how it stopped ticking. Prague. It's not everyday that I get to read stories about this place. With its own set of lore and myths that is both for the admirers and the not. Even if you are not a fan of myths and artifacts, this story will have you mystified. I wouldn't know what to expect in the next book. I am all for surprises. Thank you so much World Weaver Press for the review copies. Hope you would still give me that chance to review the next book without having to pay for it.

I give this 5/5 old church bells. I don't care if they are Solomon's or not. Mythical or just plain old rusted bells. Just like the tolling of the church bell which spurs you to attention or pulls you back to the present when your mind wanders, this book will call your attention and will not let it waver or stray again. I was like a child introduced to a world of wonders that are so new to me. This book just opened up another world that I thought adults like me will no longer visit and appreciate.

I am curious as to what other stories and genre the author has. She has a likelihood of ending up in my favorite authors list.

Gran believes that time changes people, but a part of me believes--just this once, maybe--that Gran is wrong. I think it's people that change people.
- Michelle Lowery Combs, Solomon's Bell -