Friday, June 23, 2017

Undertow: The Complete Novel by Joss Dey | A Book Review

Undertow: Rock Bottom (Unbound Realms #1) by Joss Dey | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm!

I actually have two copies of this book. The one in the picture which I got this through the AXP Read and Review site.The other one is Undertow: Complete Novel. I have read the latter but the one in the picture is the former. I don't know what's the difference between these two. The blurb seems to be the same. 

I thought this book is about mermaids. This is probably the second time that I thought the book was about mermaids. I don't know what's with me and mermaids. I love Ariel of Disney's Little Mermaid, that's for sure. I don't think I read the blurb for this book carefully or read it at all. I admit the title is so intriguing. I think I signed up for this one thinking this was a mermaid story. Well, the notion was not so far out because this is a paranormal story but no mermaid though. This involved characters with magic and monsters.

This is a story about Dragon. A girl who was modified with supernatural gifts. She is the only modified human or mutant to survive. Speaking of mutant, this reminds me of X-Men. That is doubtlessly the closest thing I could describe the characters in this story. Only the characters.

I find the characters very fascinating. A mix of mythical and magical creatures from all over the world.  Most fascinating is of course, Dragon. Half-human. With her special ability, I think anyone could use her help. Unfortunately, in this story, the people she helped only caused her misery. They became better versions of themselves but didn't want to stay with her any longer. In turn, broke her heart.

Other than the fascination for the characters, I don't think I was so engrossed with the story. I am not even sure if I fully grasp the plot. I mean, I get it--a civil war between a ruthless queen and a dark prince. Both have powers and the rest of the characters of this story are pawns. I just could not see where the story is going and how the rest of the characters are going to play into it. The queen has not made an appearance yet in this story. This book centered on Dragon's obsessive search for love. I am also unsure how that will play into the whole scheme of things in this tale. I hope how the characters are interconnected and how the events will play out that will eventually lead to the heart of this story will be done flawlessly. I am so wishing for it.

With that said, I am still curious as to what happens after this story. Obviously, this is a series, so I am wondering what will happen next. I hope the storyline would be clearer this time. And I am hoping the next book will actually shed more light to the whole story. 

I give this book 2/5 tablets of sleeping pills. It felt like I needed to sleep it off after reading this story. The story is dark with a lot of deaths and the theme overall was not so hopeful. It was not clear where the story was going or what it was striving for. That was how it appeared to me.


Pride like love, made fools of us all.
- Joss Dey, Undertow: The Complete Novel -