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The Frogg Princess: A Real Life Fairytale (Silver Creek Novella Series # 3) by Jamie Brook Thompson | A Book Review

The Frogg Princess: A Real Life Fairy Tale (Silver Creek Novella Series # 3) by Jamie Brook Thompson | A Book Reviewby iamnotabookworm!

This is the third book in the series of retellings done by Jamie Brook Thompson. This completes the box set of three fairy tale stories given a very modern twist.  

This is the story Taya. A girl from New Orleans who set out to start a new life and hopefully setup her own restaurant. She ended up in Silver Creek where a few rude people are set to ruin her dreams.

This has similarities to Disney's animated movie The Princess and the Frog. One is both female main characters are black. As with the movie, the twist lies in the male protagonists. In this story, he is Felix Frogg, a police officer of Silver Creek who has a kind heart. 

The story was okay. Between the three stories, I love the author's version of Cinderella. What I like about this one is the introduction of new characters that will be in the next installment. A very teasing preview of what's to happen next and a glimpse of the next fairy tale character that is going to be given a new breath of life in this modern day. 

I give this 3.5/5 police cars. I did enjoy this story but not as much as the very first installment. I guess, my expectations were high because the first story was just so unexpected and I was wanting for the same kind of elation for the next two. I advise, based on experience to read the stories one after the other so you will get the full on magical feeling experience. Even if the second and third book were not as surprising as the first, on my opinion, all three make a really good real life versions of the world's most beloved fairy tales. But if I were to choose, Cinderella is right up there and I just wished that the succeeding two were as just as fascinating. Hopefully, the fourth story, judging from the way the characters were introduced, would turn out to be in the same caliber as the Cinderella story--packed with amazing surprises in both its characters and unexpected modern twist. I can't wait to read it.

Never marry a man that buys a ring to turn your finger green.
- Jaime Brook Thompson, The Frogg Princess: A Real Life Fairytale - 

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