Friday, November 11, 2016

Delilah ( A Ronnie Lake Mystery #2) by Niki Danforth | A Book Review

Delilah by Niki Danforth A Book Review

Delilah is a story about a cold murder case. Ronnie Lake is a PI-in-the-making (private investigator). Steve Lyla wants to grant his old father's wish to find his aunt's killer. The cold case is assigned to Ronnie. Will she be able to solve the murder that happened about thirty years ago?

Ronnie Lake's character reminds me of my favorite senior citizen spy Mrs. Pollifax. Mrs. Pollifax is a character created by the late Dorothy Gilman. They are both very resourceful and have very strong intuition. It is probably because they are both women and women are known to be more in touch with their intuition. I am always fond of women detectives, spy or PI's. Like Veronica Mars, Rizzoli and Isles, Agent Kensi Blythe and Siva of NCIS and Detective Katherine Chandler of Beauty and the Beast. It is always refreshing to see kick-ass women excel in a profession dominated by males.

This is a very well-written short story which I really hoped was longer. I had no idea who the killer was and Miss Lake was so smart to be able to connect the clues that she has. I never would have figured it out. There was no obvious hint. I liked that even though the story was short, the suspense was never in shortage. It was feat to be able to keep you readers guessing in just a limited time. Other writers do that in a full novel. Good job Miss Danforth! I had my nose in the book the whole time and I was a bit sad that it ended but the ending was good. 

I give the book 4/5 microphones. I wish it were longer so I could see more of Ronnie Lake in action. Guess, I will have to read the prequel to this book so I could get to know more of Miss Lake. I think she is one of those unassuming and amazing characters that I would like to follow. We'll see where her next assignment would take her.

Thank you for the copy in exchange for an honest review.