Friday, December 16, 2016

A Country Christmas (A Timeless Regency Collection) by Various Authors | A Book Review

A Country Christmas (A Timeless Regency Collection) by Various Authors Book Review

Just ten more days to go before Christmas. Weeeee! Are you excited? What are your plans for the holidays? How do you wish to spend it? 

This book is about spending Christmas. There are three stories which are all really good ones. My favorite would be the second one by Carla Kelly --The Christmas Angle. Here are the stories included in this country Christmas collection.

Saints and Sinners by Josi Kilpack
The Christmas Angle by Carla Kelly
The Perfect Christmas by Jennifer Moore

These three stories are all sweet and warm which make me want to fall in love this Christmas and all Christmases to come. The stories promise a cheerful and more meaningful holidays if they are spent with loved ones. 

I enjoyed The Christmas Angle best because it was a story made more interesting by its characters. I love Master Six. I wish I had his photographic memory, too. Can I wish that this Christmas? If I had a photographic memory, I think it would make things easier for me. I do have a sharp memory but it would be a very impressive ability if it would allow me to read a book in just minutes instead of hours or days. I think, I would have no problem going through my TBR pile. Aside from that, it would also allow me to try to do something else like pursuing a different career which would pave the way for me to really fulfill my passions. Oh, how amazing that would be? Another thing why I find this story very engaging was how arithmetic was shown that it could be a fun and easy subject to learn if taught by a very creative and talented teacher. If I were to teach Math, I wish I could make it appear as enjoyable and as easy as playing pickup sticks.

The other two stories have their own lessons to give also. The Saints and Sinners story proclaims that the best foundation for a good relationship or marriage is friendship. Yes, I know, everyone seems to already know this. It's not new but it is still good not to forget that some of the best and successful marriages are based on friendships. The Perfect Christmas tells us that the spirit of the holiday season is not in the trappings, decorations, the expensive food and the new clothes but the warm, generous and loving company we spend it with. The food may be simple but the love of the family and close friends will make us full.

I give the book 4/5 beautiful Christmas trees. Hope we may all remember the real reason for the season -the season of giving and forgiving. Merry Christmas!

...the worthy poor.
...what constituted the unworthy poor. 
The poor are poor, and worth has nothing to do with it. They have hopes and dreams, too. I know they do, because I am one of them.
- Carla Kelly, The Christmas Angle - 

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