Saturday, December 31, 2016

Moxie's Decision (Princess Moxie #2) by Hank Quense | A Book Review

Moxie's Decision (Princess Moxie #2) by Hank Quense Book Review

This is book two of Princess Moxie. If you can remember, Princess Moxie is a fat, simple-looking and mean princess until she met the three apprentices of the Knights of the Round Table.

In Moxie's Decision, Princess Moxie set out to join the Heroes Guild to train and make something of herself. If she wants to take over as Queen of their land once her father, King Smedley, passed away, she has to learn a skill and know the ins and outs of managing a kingdom. So, again it fell to the three knights to escort Moxie to the Heroes Guild and help her get in.

By now, my feelings have softened a little towards Moxie. I don't hate her anymore and I actually approve of her trying to learn something and improve herself so she would be fit to run their kingdom when the time comes. And to her credit, she tried her hardest. And like in most cases, when you try your darnedest, you get rewarded. Moxie proved to everyone in this book that she can be anything she sets her heart on. She can be good at something. I admire her strong willpower and boldness for seeing through her every plan. And in the end, she got what she sought.

This is not as hilarious as the first book but I still enjoyed it. I was rooting for Moxie to succeed in her endeavors. I wanted her to find her place amongst an all-men dominated era. And she did!

I give this book 3.5/5 soccer balls. This book has been an adventure you wouldn't want to miss. All the soccer games played in honor of keeping the peace and defending the land against the Saxons; Gwen's naughty cheerleading team; Merlin's own adventures and three ever-reliable knights who have become Moxie's three dedicated friends. Princess Moxie's adventures and misadventures ended well and she can now brag about her experiences. She has ventured out into the real world of knights and brigands and survived. She became thin and strong, kinder and wiser.

Thank you again, Hank Quense, for the copy.