Friday, December 2, 2016

Days Like These by Sue Margolis | ARC | A Book Review

Days Like These by Sue Margolis Book Review

Aaah, this is one of those heart-melting stories. I am a sucker for stories that talk about life in general. About doting grandmas and excellent cooking that makes everything right in the world. Days Like These is one of those stories.

My grandma (my mom's mother) died when I was two. I can barely remember her. My mom used to tell me that she would often share her food with me. It has even become a joke that because she was so fond of me, she even left me her asthma. My father's mom died when he was young also so I never got to meet her. Maybe, it was this lack of grandmotherly love that had me falling for this story or it was just plain heartfelt that I ended up missing a grandma I can't even remember.

Yes, this story solicited a lot of emotions from me. The characters centered in the story were just so adorable and honest. The kids pictured were how kids are really are. Cute but sometimes exasperating and testing the limits of your patience. The problems mentioned here were as real as daylight. This book is not just for grandmas but for parents as well. I am not a parent but I could see a lot of similar things that my sister had gone through raising two very active kids. Parents reading this book will definitely have another perspective of how kids are raised today. Of how the unfulfilled dreams of some parents are often passed on to their kids to pursue. Some parents may not even realize these but some kids are burdened by these high expectations.

As I said, I am not a parent yet but I will definitely learn from this book. A lot of parenting issues were given light here. I was so immersed in this book. This was very enlightening. This turned me to mush. One minute I was smiling with amusement, the next I was wiping my eyes with the back of my hand. This was a very honest examination and exposition of a family that we all want to have. The struggles and frustrations. The goals and the elusive dreams. Not perfect but full of love. I guess, we can take all the lack of wealth and material things, as long as we get to go home to a house full of love and support. Even better with loving, and selfish grandmas ready with mouth-watering treats to chase our worries away.

I give the book 5/5 mouth-watering cakes as sweet as a grandma's love. I love the book. Looking forward to more endearing life stories from Sue Margolis. I recommend you read this. This was an easy read but full of love and lessons. 

Sometimes I think grieving can be worse if the person is still alive. No matter how much you fight against it, there's this vestige of hope that remains to torment you.
- Sue Margolis, Days Like These -

Release Date: December 6, 2016

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