Friday, December 30, 2016

Two of Clubs (War and Suits #1) by J.A. Armitage | ARC | A Book Review

Two of Clubs by J.A. Armitage ARC Book Review

This is my first J.A. Armitage read. I have never read any of her works before. Two of Clubs is the first of the War and Suits series. This book will welcome the New Year with a big bang! So, before we all get busy with the preparations for the incoming year 2017, let me say 'May we all have a prosperous and better year ahead. May it be a year of more opportunities and greater things. Happy 2017!

Two of Clubs is the story of Rose. The youngest of eleven royal children of the House of Club. A princess who enjoyed playing with swords than going to balls or dances. She'd rather be a warrior and fight than be the one to be rescued.

I love the idea where this story came from. A world where the characters of a whole deck of cards are alive, walking and talking. Yes, this story will entertain you with the colorful characters from the four royal houses such as the Clubs, the Hearts, the Spades, and the Diamonds. Each clan has each own characteristics, peculiarities and may even have powers. Isn't this book amazing? I applaud the author for cleverly giving the common set of playing cards life and putting them into a truly interesting story. Yes, a similar thing has been done before -Alice in Wonderland, right? But what makes this book different is that all 52 characters have a chance of making an appearance here. All four royal houses and families are part of this story which makes it all the more fun and chaotic. 

I love Rose's character. Oftentimes, being young is sort of a disadvantage or a handicap. There are things that require a certain age for one to be able to do. For Rose, being the Two of Clubs, there are things that she wants to be but is not allowed to. And worse, being a girl has prevented her from being a warrior, her heart's greatest desire. Yes, she'd rather be a warrior than do princessy things. I can relate to Rose. I think each one of us has gone through at least once in our life when we were told that we can't be this or that because we are too young or because of gender. Admiringly, Rose doesn't easily give up. She's resourceful and has found a way to be nearer to her dream. And because she never gave up, when the opportunity came for her to step up and be a hero, she readily jumped on it, literally and figuratively. 

I undoubtedly delighted in this story. I look forward to the misadventures of Rose and her quest to being a real warrior. I think I can take a lesson or two from Rose. Just because she was limited or was told that she can't be a warrior, that ended everything for her. No! She decided that is all she wants and she will work on it. I guess, her youth strengthened her tenacity and it has paid off. Being young is sort of a power also. When you are young, the possibilities are endless. I think all of us once thought that we can rule the world and we can do anything. Do you ever wonder why the world is obsessed with wanting to stay young? I am sure you have heard of the mythical 'fountain of youth. Youth, in some way, equals strength and vast opportunities to prove oneself. Combined that with an unwavering belief and you might just get what you want. There is power in believing. Rose strongly believed that she can be a warrior, much better than her brothers if allowed. 

I give the book 5/5 Ace of Clubs. I was taken to a grand world of my imagination. Yes, I did wonder once what would it be like if the numbers on a deck of cards were people and given personalities. Well, this is it. J. A. Armitage has successfully created that world and gave each card a unique personality and character which suited each one perfectly. This is a brilliant start of a very promising series. I can't wait for the next book. Welcome everyone to Vanatus!

One other thing I love about  the  story is  that Rose  is out to  prove everyone, including her family and the whole Vanatus  wrong. I like stories  of  underdogs or  the  unassuming  breaking  the  rules  and  coming  out as the champion or the unexpected hero. This story reminds us that we should  not  underestimate anyone,  whether  because  of  youth or inexperience  or  innocence  or gender. Anyone has the potential to surprise and be great if given the chance. Especially if the person works hard enough and puts his  whole  heart to it. 

 ...sometimes we do unforgivable things in the heat of the situation.
- J. A. Armitage, Two of Clubs - 

Release Date: January 1, 2017

Thank you again, J.A. Armitage, for the ARC.