Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Secrets on Sapphire (Brookston Housewives #2) by S. Cole | ARC | A Book Review

Secrets on Sapphire (Brookston Housewives #2) by S. Cole ARC A Book Review

Secrets on Sapphire is the second book in the Brookston Housewives series. I have not read the first book -Sin in Suburbia but this book is comprehensive enough to pass for a stand alone. Though it is recommended by the author to read the first book.

Secrets of Sapphire. Who is Sapphire? That was the first thing that came to my mind.  And like me, once you have read the book, you will understand what Sapphire is or whatever that word stands for.

This book felt like that reality show about the housewives of New York or LA. Not that I watched those shows. I am only familiar because of the teasers. All those housewives claiming to be BFF's but won't hesitate to stab the other in the back because the other one was green with envy. These women are friends but it seemed that some of them obviously have secrets. Really, really dark and deadly secrets. 

Unexpectedly, I was hooked with the story. It was intriguing and the way it was written, it made me curious as to who these women are. Who was one with the secrets? Who are genuine? Who is hiding behind a facade and who is wearing a mask? This is a mystery and suspense story which was a surprise to me, in a good way. I liked how the author put together the chapters so as not to make the story predictable. A predictable story is the worst thing about a mystery or suspense. It did not allow me to come up with my own hypothesis and theories about some of the women. I just let myself be led into each scene and let it played out. My anticipation was built up as each page turned and I couldn't wait for the reveal of each characters true color and motive. I was tempted to just blast through the pages to find out what these housewives were really about. 

I give the story 5/5 sapphire gems because of the surprise factor and intrigue. This story was not what I have expected. I thought this was just a story about gossiping housewives and thankfully, it was more than that. So, this felt like housewives of New York in a Criminal Minds episode. I just can't help but make the comparison. 

Oh, and there is a third book. The ending was a little abrupt for me. I was like -that was it? It ended not the way I would have wanted. I wanted more but it was done strategically that will make sure the readers will pick up book three. I, for one can't wait for it. In the mean time, I will have to read book one. I will have to see if it will intrigue me as much as this book did.

I think S. Cole is a promising mystery author that I would like to include in my favorite authors' list. But that is still to be determined. I will have to read two or three more of her books to decide. Congratz! S. Cole. This was smartly-done.

Thank you so much, S. Cole for the ARC.