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Strike a Match (No Match for Love #5) by Lindzee Armstrong | ARC | A Book Review

Strike a Match (No Match for Love # ) by Lindzee Armstrong Book Review

Strike a Match is part of the No Match for Love series. No Match for Love follows the matchmakers and the clients of a matchmaking company Toujour. I have read four books of the series. I have read and reviewed Meet Your Match. The two other books are Mistletoe Match and Miss Match. Though these books are part of a series, they are also stand alone novels which can be read on their own.

What I like about Lindzee Armstrong's books are that they are all clean romances. Though, I had my share of reading smutty stories, I still enjoy books which focus more on the development of the characters. I am sorry to say that there are just smutty stories are just that, not a lot of weight on the story but more on the steamy scenes.  At first, they are entertaining but the next time, they lose their appeal because it was going nowhere or there was no plot at all. I would prefer stories with substance. 

Strike a Match is the story of Kate and Taylor. Kate is a nurse and Taylor is a fire-fighter. They first met in a tragedy which was a turning point in Kate's sad and suffocating marriage life.

I admired Kate's character. I think she was portrayed honestly enough. If I were her, I would likely feel the same way about her husband. After what she'd been through, I don't think it was bad for her to feel that way. I think it would be so hypocrite of her to feel otherwise. I am glad that she was not portrayed a martyr though she had played that role quite awhile. She may just have called it kindness at that time. It was too much kindness and understanding on her part that she lost a part of herself.

Taylor, on the other hand was someone shown as being too helpful to the point that he was being abused. He was indeed helping the wrong people and he was none the wiser until it was pointed out to him. I think it was a misguided concept of helping the needy because the needy person is not really needy at all but a  parasite who was leeching all the kindness he can get from Taylor. I just didn't like the idea that even if he knew it, he still kept helping the person. I don't think helping was in anyway beneficial to that person. It was encouraging him to be irresponsible and selfish.

I am glad that in the end the characters have resolved their issues. They have come to terms with whatever they need to confront -demons and skeletons in the closet and all. It was a good story. It has shown that sometimes helping means allowing a person to grow his/her backbone. Not to spoon-feed. To allow the person to grow on her own and take his/her initiative. That being happy for the change in circumstances or an end of a suffering, even if it was brought about by a sad event, is not a thing to be guilty of. Not all people know what you were going through so you can't expect them to understand how you feel. I think, as long as you are happy and you are not hurting anyone, it is okay. There is no reason to feel bad about being happy or to not deserve it.

I give the book 4/5 fire trucks. This story has reflected real situations in life. The story is not unique but it has explored a different aspect of loss and helping someone. It makes me think about helping the next person in need. I may have to ask myself if the person genuinely needs help or was he/she just taking advantage of my good and generous nature? I know a few people who will only remember that we are friends when they need something from me. It reminded of an edited version of a quote -What are friends for? Using each other. Yes, unfortunately, there are those that only use friendship as an excuse to benefit from someone. But I am not jaded, I have enough real and dependable friends who have always been there for me, whether I am happy or broke. The same as I am always there for them.

She needs someone who's going to be there for her, no matter what. Not someone with a misguided hero complex who's always rushing off to someone else's aid.
- Lindzee Armstrong, Strike a Match - 

Thank you again, Lindzee Armstrong for the ARC.

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