Monday, December 26, 2016

Rune Master (Rune Series #2) by Amelia Wilson | ARC | A Book Review

Rune Master (Rune Series #2) by Amelia Wilson | ARC | A Book Review

Merry Christmas everyone! How was your Christmas? We had a simple celebration at home. We had baked pork spare ribs, spaghetti, macaroni salad , fried chicken with gravy, cassava cake, chocolate cake and sparkling wine. This year my parents spent Christmas at my brother's house. We went to visit on the 25th to exchange gifts. It was a quiet and low-key celebration compared to the previous Christmases. Quiet because there were very minimal fireworks and firecrackers. Probably, because our president - Mr. Duterte, has publicly expressed his dislike for firecrackers and planned to ban it. We could use less noise and fright caused by those things, not to mention less injuries. Our neighbors compensated by renting a videoke machine and the singing started as early as 4 PM. A little quiet but not too quiet. So, that was it for me. Hope you had a good Christmas with family and friends.

The book I am reviewing today is Rune Master. This is the second book in the Rune Series. Amelia Wilson, the author, generously sent me again an ARC and I gladly reviewed it since I enjoyed the first book. Not that I would refuse if an author would ask me to review her book.

Rune Master picked up right where Rune Sword left off. I have included a link for the review of Rune Sword below. You may check it. This is a paranormal Viking romance story, specifically-vampires.

I liked this story because of the rare combination of vampire and Viking mythology. I have not come across this kind of story before so this really interested me. It gave a fresh spin on the whole vampire story. As I mentioned in my review of the first book, I thought that Twilight has ruined all vampire stories for me but thankfully, there are enough people with great imagination in the world to come up with various fascinating and awesome stories involving vampires that still pique my interest. This series is one of them. 

The story explored more how the vampire and Viking story came together. It gave me more insight into the Norse mythology and the other Gods and deities. It is a sort-of a good introduction for me to some characters and aspects of the Viking culture. I learned new things here which is what every reader wants every time we read a new story. 

This seemed like an HEA (happy ever after) story and it may seem that the series have ended but I would like to think and hope that there is still a next story. Nika Graves and Erik Thorvald did not have enough adventures and dangerous encounters with the evil vampires, tricksters, and rogue Norse Gods, yet. I think they still have a lot more experiences to go through together and their relationship too has to be tested more. I do admit, in this story, their relationship has gone through enough of their trust issues. 

I give the book 4/5 rune stones. In this story, Nika's character has grown and I love how it was done and how the story evolved. Since I am not so familiar with the Norse mythology, I did not have any expectations set for this book except for it to surprise me. I did not have any pre-conceived idea of how I wanted the story to go but it did surprise me and I liked how the story unraveled. I really enjoyed it and I am looking forward to the next chapters of Nika and Erik's live and love stories.

If I have to measure my worth by the value of those around me, I'm not much of a man, am I?
- Amelia Wilson, Rune Master -

Thank you again, Amelia Wilson for the ARC.

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