Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Kings (The Dragon Kings #5) by Kimberly Loth | ARC | A Book Review

The Kings (Dragon Kings #5) by Kimberly Loth ARC Book Review

The Kings is the last book of The Dragon Kings series by Kimberly Loth. This is only my second book of the series. I have the three first books but haven't been able to read them yet. 

After reading the book, I was actually sad that the series has ended. I will just have to make sure to read the rest of the books to remedy my separation anxiety. 

The book ended well though I think it ended prematurely. I don't want the series to end yet. I want more adventures for our heroes. I wanted the series to last longer. I wanted another book but probably that's because I have skipped the first three books. Maybe, I will feel better once I have read the whole series. I just felt that I have not really gotten to know the characters really well. But then again, it's on me. All in all, the heroes and heroines in the story had done what they were destined to do and in the process, they have grown to know each other and their individual selves more. They have stepped up to the roles that were entrusted to them, both by destiny, by choice and out of necessity to save their race. In terms of character development, the series has done amazingly based on the two books I have read.

The Kings is a good book to end the series. I will probably appreciate it more once I have completely savored all the five books. I sort of skipped the appetizers and a few main courses and have gone on to desserts so I felt that the banquet was not enough. Again, it was all my undoing. 

For now, I give the book 4/5 crowns. I still enjoyed it but I loved Skye's story more than this one. Maybe, after reading the first three books, I will be able to piece the whole tapestry and appreciate the weight and significance of the ending.

Each king has a different role to play. The leader, the coward, and the betrayed. But they could just as easily become the tyrant, the brave, and the betrayer.
- Kimberly Loth, The Kings - 

Release Date: December 31, 2016

Thank you again, Kimberly Loth, for the ARC.