Friday, December 2, 2016

The Misadventures of Catie Bloom (Bloom Sisters #1) by Brooke Stanton | A Book Review

The Misadventures of Catie Bloom (Bloom Sisters #1) by Brooke Stanton Book Review

I got this book about two months ago and was not able to read it right away. I apologize Miss Brooke Stanton profusely. I really am sorry for not reading this book sooner. 

The Misadventures of Catie Bloom is a hilarious disaster story. It could easily become a hit rom-com in the big screen. 

Catie Bloom is a popular lifestyle guru. Her fame started with just a blog and was later featured in a magazine. From there, Catie's life and career took off to heights she never even dreamed. From broke to writing for a hit magazine column and a segment in Wake up America. These are what dreams are made off until she was asked to do an interview which could just be the fuse to her ruin.

I signed up for a copy of this book in Library Thing and never gotten to read it right away. Now, I am scolding myself why. I was reminded again that I had this book when I read about the coming release of The Adventures of Natalie Bloom, so I decided I should find time to read this book. And I am glad I finally did. This book was like a balm to any sore or ache. This will absolutely make you forget all your discomfort. It was so hilarious and insane. I don't know if I like Catie or I want to hit her in the head. But I am impressed by how she had made it big and popular with all the lies that she filed one after the other.

Natalie Bloom, I would say, is one martyr sister. I totally understand all the sacrifices and help she gave Catie but she has to put some boundaries. Good thing, she finally realized that. Though, it had to take a lot of mishaps before she screamed enough is enough.

I definitely agree with the title. This is absolutely the capital MISADVENTURES of Catie Bloom. It was amusing watching all the characters squirm and cope with all the stress and blunders Catie has caused. At the same time, I feel for all of them. It seemed like they were powerless to stop anything at all. I totally enjoyed this book and can't wait for The Adventures of Natalie Bloom. And guess what, I already have a copy so I will be off to join her in her adventures or could it be misadventures just like Catie? I really hope so. Sounds like fun!

I give the book 4/5 pans of burned cake. I think every girl who has lied to save a job or to get out of a bind can relate to Catie Bloom. Every girl has been a Catie or a Natalie at least once in her life. I also have an older sister and we are very close. Just like Natalie, I would do anything for her, a thousand times over. And this book just reminds of that deep sisterly love that you would do anything to save or help your sister, even if it is giving up or postponing something you really want to do. This book is about trying hard to fake it till you make it and even acing it. This is about fighting for your dreams.

...but those little lies, one on top of another, had fallen hard on my small shoulders, making the consequences far worse than they would have been had I first confessed.
- Brooke Stanton, The Misadventures of Catie Bloom - 

Thank you again, and Brooke Stanton for the copy.