Thursday, December 1, 2016

Blind Date Collection (A Timeless Romance Anthology #18) by Various Authors | A Book Review

Blind Date Collection (A Timeless Romance Anthology) by Various Authors Book Review

Have you been on a blind date? How was it? 

I don't think I have ever been in one. I remember back in college, it was Valentine's Day and just for fun and for a change, we decided that each one should bring a single friend to introduce to one of the girls. There were about six of us girls, and each one was assigned to bring someone for one girl. I brought a god-brother of mine and he brought his friend along so he won't feel too shy. I was so embarrassed because the friend thought his green jokes would make him a hit with the girls. The jokes weren't even funny. I had to apologize to the girls the day after, I was as scandalized as they were. That was the closest experience I had to a blind date. We didn't do the same thing the next year because it was a sham. One girl brought someone we already knew and one brought a guy whom one of the girls turned down several times.

Anyway, this book is a collection of blind date stories. In each story, the boy and the girl were set up to meet but due to some unfortunate events, they either happen to meet before the date or had a fortuitous disastrous encounter. There are  six sweet and charming stories that were set in different eras, from historical to modern times.

All six stories were entertaining and were cleverly written. The first three are historical novellas. 

The Promise That Katy Did by Annette Lyon
This is about fulfilling a promise made to a dying friend. Only, the real meaning of the promise that was made was not clearly revealed until Katy had to go to a dance with a stranger.

A Lady of Sense by Sarah M. Eden
This is about Eleanor Sherwood trying to convince her parents that she doesn't want to marry the man they wanted for her. She appealed to her father to give her an option. 

A Second Chance by Heather B. Moore
This is about Virginia, a divorced woman trying to get past her broken marriage and the gossip. When her best friend asked her to move to Chicago, she readily agreed. Millie, her best friend, convinced her to join a double date. She is to accompany Millie's husband's cousin to the said date. Is Virginia ready to date?

The next three are contemporary romances. These are cute and amusing stories. 

Braelynn's Blind Date by Victorine E. Lieske
Braelynn was set up for a blind date with Tyler. As it turned out, Tyler is very handsome and a perfect gentleman. Braelynn felt like she won the jackpot in the lottery. Only to find out, the guy she met wasn't the real Tyler. 

Bianca's Hope by Rachel Branton
This is like a sequel to a story of the same author that I read before. It was part of the Stormy Kisses Anthology collection. This is about Bianca who was set up to meet a guy whom he hates. A guy who told her that he can't help her save her business.

Blind Spot by Sariah Wilson
Ria loves fairy tales and is hoping to meet her own prince. When she realized that in Europe there is a country that truly exists with real princes, she decided to go to Monterra to pursue her master's degree and try to find her real prince charming. Unfortunately, all her blind dates were disasters. The closest she got to a prince was a date with a grandson of a duke. 

I heartily enjoyed all the stories but I find the last three very amusing. They were all blind dates that have gone terribly wrong which are more likely to happen in real life. They are like blind date anecdotes. These three are sort of fairy tale stories because they all started not quite right but ended happily. 

I give the book 4/5 blindfolds. These are all relaxing stories that would help you cool down after a back-breaking chore. Or lighten up a very boring or uneventful day. These stories give you a feel-good vibe that guarantees a good day or a good night's sleep.

I mentioned earlier that I have read a Timeless Anthology collection before, right? It just occurred to me that I really enjoyed the unique novellas included in the collections. I look forward to the next set of stories. I am sure they are sweet and never-heard-before stories that will tickle my mind and melt my heart.

Thank you again, for the copy.