Friday, December 2, 2016

The Secret Cause (Jennifer Morgan #3) by Ethan Jones | ARC | A Book Review

The Secret Cause (Jennifer Morgan #3) by Ethan Jones ARC Book Review

Yes, I definitely had about two or three ARC's that I did not get to read in time for their release day last month. Again, I apologize to the authors. 

The Secret Cause was another ARC I was not able to squeeze in to have my review out by release day. This book is the third installment of the Jennifer Morgan series. I have read the previous two and enjoyed them, that is why I wanted to read this book also. 

This is another PI assignment of Miss Morgan. This is a case of a missing person. The police did not solve the case so the missing person's roommate asked the help of Miss Morgan's PI firm. 

This book contained the trademark of Mr. E. Jones --surprises and twists. For this one, I did not expect that it was very simple, may even be a cheesy one but I think it was okay. I think the first two books were more adrenaline-inducing than this. In this book, thankfully, Miss Morgan did not commit her usual mistake of making an impulse decision to put herself in danger. This time she had enough sense to keep herself out of the firing range.

As expected, Miss Morgan again displayed her talent for delving into unlikely situations and getting out the truth from the people involved. She definitely has a natural knack for solving cases in her own way. Her instincts are always on the mark. 

I give this book 3.5/5 fortune cookies. Though the scope of Miss Morgan's investigations have become wider and has now involved more complicated characters but found it not as absorbing as the first two books. I was entertained but not as much. I was expecting more punch which did not come at all. 

Release Date: November 22, 2016

Thank you again, Ethan Jones, for the ARC.

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