Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Schism (Sparks Saga # 3) by RS McCoy | A Book Review

Schism (Sparks Saga # 3) by RS McCoy | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm

This is the last and the conclusion of the story of Lark and Kea. After all these two have been through, it is sad to say goodbye to them and their story. For me, the ending was sad too. It was not what I had expected and up to now, I am still trying to get over it. If it were up to me, I would want another ending. A happier one. Yes, you have been warned, this amazing and engrossing story will have an end that you will not ever imagine. It will stun you and leave you immobile.

Every time I think about Schism, my mind goes on autopilot. It directly goes to the ending. Yes, the ending. I have to talk about it  or else I might just explode. I did not ever expect it, though in fairness to RS McCoy, it did make sense if you have really followed the whole story. But then, I hate saying goodbye to characters who I have become very invested in. They are like part of my family. I hate to say that I wished the ending was something else. I wish it did not have to be that way. But being Lark and Kea and knowing they have come to love their island-home, it made sense to go out through the most honorable way as known by the people they have come to love. They have fully embraced the culture and the people, so it was just fitting to choose  to leave this earth the way the brave do. Ah, it was still so sad. I had my mouth hanging open for long after I read that part. It was so hard to accept.

Well, moving on, as I have no choice in the matter but accept how the series ended. It wasn't all that sad. Lark and Kea, after defeating Mathias and Lheda, lived a great life with their son Tona, Lark's father and sister Estha. There was peace and prosperity. No more war and greed. All the hardships that Lark and Kea had to go through did pay off. This story was actually a very great wrap-up but the ending. It was all great and sunshiny until the epilogue. Yes, still can't move on from it. Anyway, with the ending, I was looking forward to another series with Lark and Kea's successors as the main characters. It would be great to know how Tona and Estha fared out.

Even with great sadness as to how this series ended, I still give this a 5/5 great ships. The journey of Lark and Kea has been a very memorable one. From a hard life to a life of greatness and prosperity. I had an absolutely great time sharing their journey and being part of their adventures. I won't ever forget this two amazing and strong characters. I am sure, I will read and revisit this tale again and again when I feel like it. So, it's not goodbye at all, but until then, Lark and Kea. Thank you for a great story.

That's the funny thing about home, isn't it? You think it's a place, but it's not. It's the people that make a place, not the other way around.
- RS McCoy, Schism -  

Thank you again, RS McCoy for the copy.