Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Spirits (Sparks Saga # 2) by RS McCoy | A Book Review

Spirits (Sparks Saga # 2) by RS McCoy | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm

I was supposed to finish the Sparks Saga series last January but wasn't. I realized I signed up for too many blog tours that I had to review two or three books a week. Last March, I joined only a few tours so I could catch on my too long TBR. True enough, I was able to read a few books that had been in my list for months. 

Spirits is book two of the series. When I landed on the first page of the first chapter, it felt like no time has passed since the first book. It was the best feeling ever. It felt like the adventure was not interrupted with the ending of the first book. The adventure goes on as if there was no necessary pause. It felt like I was back in familiar territory. I was in my comfort zone. 

This second installment talked about Lark and Kea's life on the island, their new home. Lark has to master his other gifts to be able to fight and defend their new home and its people. With this, he found that the best way to master his abilities in a short time would be to find the Spirits. So, Lark, went on a quest to find the spirits and convince them to give him the power to master the elements and objects of their domain.

Wow! Lark went on amazing adventures and met new friends. Undoubtedly, his quest was not anything easy. His adventures were the best part of this story. He has accomplished amazing and extraordinary feats while trying not to worry too much about Kea and the baby inside her womb. 

I was so mesmerized and so involved in this story. I was hoping that Lark will survive each journey and find what he was seeking for. In the end, with his strength of character, his resourcefulness and his faith in himself made him successful in all his endeavors even with a lot of odds against him. He also found very unlikely allies that he thought have gone and left him. Yet, with his new abilities, he was able to summon help from very unexpected places. Thus, helping him also deal with all the issues he was battling with. Really, really amazing and unbelievable.

I realized I should have read this sooner. Good thing I read this book and the third one right after the other. It was the most wonderful journey ever. I give this book 5/5 hot balls of flames. Like Lark being consumed by his guilt and anger for what happened to his friends and his best friend. This book will do the same to you. You will be consumed and engulfed in this story and won't stop until you reach the last page. You won't leave Lark until he gets to terms with his grief and guilt and master his gifts.

Anger is the seed. It is the ember to create all the flames you need.
- RS McCoy, Spirits - 

Thank you again, RS McCoy for the copy.