Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Breakup Support Group by Cheyanne Young | A Book Review

The Break Up Support Group by Cheyanne Young | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm

I won a $10 Amazon card from one of Brenda Drake's giveaway. I used it to buy this book because I really wanted to read this. I signed up for the cover reveal of The Breakup Support Group October last year and I fell in love with the blurb. So, thank you again, Brenda Drake because I finally got my hands on this book.

So, it turned out I did not just fall in love with the blurb. The story was really swoon-worthy. I wanted to join their support group even though my soul is more broken than my heart. To be honest, the story is not so extraordinary but what made it appealing and so spellbinding is the whole support group. Without the presence of the support group this would be just another love story. But with the support group, it took the story to another level and gave it more depth and made it unforgettable. Not to mention the very intriguing title. It demands attention and is shouting "Read Me". The title and the whole story is both very clever that I think this is one of the most captivating, amusing and easy YA romance stories I have read this year. This is an absolute inspirational romance.

Emory Underwood is absolutely a book boyfriend to die for. Emory...what a lovely name. It feels so right to say it. Brooding and mysterious. Exactly my type of guy. Aaahhhh. I felt like a teenager again reading this. I imagined I was Isla. I could totally be her. It was so easy to get lost in her character and channel in the qualities that made Emory so drawn to her. This is a kind of story that I would want to read again and again just to feel better if I feel down and lonely. This will in a way make me cry but at the end will have me smiling from ear to ear. My heart will be pounds lighter. Just to remind you, I don't really do re-reads. I only do if they are incredibly remarkable. This one is.

I give this 5/5 pans of pizza or let's just have a pizza party. Let's celebrate because this book could just be what you  need. This will take your worries away. Not too heavy on the drama but very uplifting and hopeful. An easy yet very satisfying read that will have you high and floating on cloud nine. I certainly dreamed of my own Emory right after reading this. And I was in high spirits when I woke up the next day remembering this fantastic story. This book is definitely the answer or the cure to all broken hearts or even broken spirits like mine.

But I see now that waiting for a true love is exactly what the movies want you to think it is--a fairy tale.
- Cheyanne Young, The Breakup Support Group -