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Twisters and Textbooks (Sunset Plains Romance #2) by Lindzee Armstrong | A Book Review

Twisters and Textbooks by Lindzee Armstrong | A Book Review

I have actually read this story before. This was part of an anthology--Sweet and Sassy Antohology: Rainy Kisses by six authors. I decided to read this again because I thought the one in the anthology was a condensed version. It turned out it was a full version already and I did not miss anything in the story.

I am a bit weird. Weird in the sense that I don't want to read and watch again books and movies that I love. It happened very rarely that I would have to do a repeat. I have this notion that if I reread a story or watched a movie the second or for the nth time that it will lose its magic. The same magic that made me love it the first time around. Well, I have actually proven that it did not do so for those that I really really love. But for those that were just good enough, I don't think they will have the same attention that I paid the first time. So, as much as possible I try to not do a repeat. And if I do, it was hell of a story or a movie to merit a second or third effort from me.

In this case, I think this book merits its own review. My review for the anthology was for the whole collection and I did not cite specifics. I did not even say which story I liked most. The collection was a very good one and I gave it 4/5 stars. 

How was this book for me the second time around? It was not as delightful as the first time I read. It just meant that I was already familiar with the story and I kind-of anticipated the next scenes. This is exactly what I meant why I try to avoid re-watching and rereading. The element of surprise and giddy anticipation was taken out of the equation since I have already read the book and can still vividly remember how the whole tale goes and ends. I think it is a good thing that I can still vividly remember the details of the story, after all I read this first in October 2016. Being able to ferret out the details from my memory after over a hundred books I have read just meant that this book actually somehow made an impression on me. I admit, I have a very keen memory though it's not really foolproof.

For the mere fact, that I can close my eyes and remember the next events in the story before actually reading that chapter, was enough for me to garner this tale a 4/5 tornado funnel clouds. I did enjoy reading this book. The scene when the two former lovers (Lauren and Tanner) met again after four years was my favorite scene. It was ripe with tension and awkwardness that I can't help but feel it too. All in all, this was an easy and sweet read. Good for a summer read. Perfect while on a swing under the shade of a tree by the beach. The sound of waves a relaxing background music to this light read.

It hadn't felt like closure--it had felt like ripping bandages off wounds that were still as raw as the day Lauren created them.
- Lindzee Armstrong, Twisters and Textbooks - 

Thank you again, Lindzee Armstrong for the copy. 

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