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Starr Fall (Star Fall #1) by Kim Briggs | A Book Review

Starr Fall (Star Fall #1) by Kim Briggs | A Book Review

I also got this book a few months back and in some way, it has slipped my mind and never gotten to read it until this month. I am sluggishly catching up on my mounting TBR, like a turtle's pace but I'm getting there.

I did not read the blurb for this story. The author is familiar but I have never read any of her works. When I found on Instagram that she is giving away copies for this book, I hastily downloaded the free copy from Amazon. I was scared they will run out before I got my hands on one. The unfortunate thing is, I did not read it right away, nevertheless, here it is. So, back to the blurb. I thought that this story had a paranormal hint to it, like mermaids probably, because of the cover that was taken underwater. Hahaha. Shame on me. My impression was wrong and way too far. The best thing was that I understood the reason for the cover now and the relevance of the title.

Notice the spelling of Starr. Two r's. It's not a typo. That's the name of the main character and she is a good swimmer. The story is the first installment of a series. When you reach the end of this book, it is obvious that a lot is still bound to happen. More revelations and more problems to overcome for our young heroine. The ending was a bit of a cliffhanger. I am saying a bit because it was not unexpected and it was not so abrupt also that will leave you screaming and hanging. It was just teasing enough to make sure you will follow and read the next book.

This started out fun and giddy until Starr took a test for a summer fellowship and then her life turned to shambles. And that's where the story got so interesting. I really paid a lot of attention from this part onward. It's not that I was not paying attention to the story, I was just getting more involved when I reached this part. If on the earlier part I was just calm and collected, on this portion I was on full alert and ready for anything to happen. And true to its promise, the author delivered. 

This is far from the other sweet and cute YA romance stories I have read. This story is filled with suspense and anticipation. I am looking forward to the next revelations and discoveries Starr will uncover. I also feel that Christian is not all that he seems. I think he still has secrets that Starr has yet to know. Ah, this is an absolutely endearing and enticing start to a series. I am looking forward to the next installments.

I give this book 5/5 swimming goggles. Just like what Dory says, keep swimming. Keep swimming and keep fighting Starr. I am rooting for you. I know you will eventually unearth and uncover the people behind the organization after you. You are smart and young. I think they will underestimate you because of your youth and that will prove to be an advantage on your part. See you on the next story Starr.

Thank you, Kim Briggs for the copy.

Is there any time more special than childhood? No worries, no pain. Then out of nowhere something happens, and bam! You life changes forever. The end of innocence.
 - Kim Briggs, Starr Fall -  

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