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The Lightning Luminary (The Luminary Chronicles #1) by RS McCoy | A Book Review

The Lightning Luminary (The Luminary Chronicles #1) by RS McCoy | A Book Review by iamnotbookworm!

This is another series by RS McCoy. I have become an avid fan after I read The Extraction Files. Her stories are so original, even if some of them are retellings like The Alder Tales series. RS McCoy has earned a spot in my favorite authors list because of her amazing talent and skill in spinning stories that had me hooked right from the start. The Lightning Luminary is again another start one of these very gripping series.

This story is based on the ever-popular Greek mythology. And you may ask, what's so original in this story? A lot of books, novels and series have been based on Greek mythology. In fact, it's like Greek mythology is a go-to subject for almost all writers, whether bestselling or not. It's a very rich and broad subject that authors can play with it, whichever way. What's the difference in this story? These are exactly the same questions I asked when I learned that this was based on Greek mythology. But being familiar with RS McCoy's writings, I know there are always fireworks of twists and a bombarding surprise waiting. Well, what I could tell you is, this is not a book about demigods. Luminaries are a set of humans with powers. According to this book, the stories about the Greek Gods were actually about the Luminaries that were twisted, added on and changed as it was passed on through the ages. There is some basic truth to them but they are not all that accurate.

As I said, having read all the other stories from RS McCoy, I think this one was slower in pace. It seemed to take its time. There seemed to be no hurry. It has its own pace. But it doesn't mean that it was not gripping or less entertaining. The plot alone is very curious. With Greek mythology stories abounding and given a spin a thousand one times, you wonder what this story can offer. This is another unique take. The characters are all very interesting with their own personalities and quirks. The main male protagonist, Mason, I think is not all that he seems. I think he is not just an ordinary human or Void as what humans with no powers are called in this story. I think he has something more in him that even he doesn't know. I guess, I will have to find out in the next books. I am looking forward to it. 

This first book like most series starter, introduced the important characters of the series. A hint and a primer was laid to at least give the reader what could be expected in the next book. A strong, vicious and formidable enemy was established and note--he can't be killed. This alone made for a very very tasty sampler of chaos and grand quests to come. Aren't you teased?

And the ending, could it be true? Have our good friends (the good guys) found another ally? And is this one for real or he has his own motives? Questions. Questions and more questions are all I have after reading this book. This is just the start, yet our good friends are already up against a very mighty foe and if stories are to be believed, he can't be vanquished. What does this mean? Ah, yes, series are sometimes frustrating because you will have to wait for the next book to find out what will happen next. In the same way, it fuels your imagination while waiting for the next book to come out. And if it does, then the author was effective because she has roused your creative cells from their deep or temporary slumber. And we all could use a little creativity or just a little brain function.

I give the book 4/5 bolts of lightning. Four because of the unhurried pace. Four because the series is just starting and I know that a lot of surprises are in store in the next installments. I can't wait.

They were tip-toeing around the minefield of their histories.
- RS McCoy, The Lightning Luminary - 

Thanks again, RS McCoy for the copy.

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