Sunday, October 16, 2016

Family Business (Mixing Business With Pleasure #3) by Ace Gray | ARC | A Book Review

Family Business by Ace Gray Book Review

I saw the author's post on Instagram asking for anyone who wants to do a review of the book. I sent her a DM and I was emailed an ARC. Thank you again Ace K. Gray.

This is the third installment of the Mixing Business With Pleasure Series. I have not read any of Ace Gray's books so before I read this one I started on the first two books - Strictly Business and Bad for Business. I have a separate post on books one and two. I had them in one post. The link is on the bottom.

Mixing Business With Pleasure is about two successful business CEO's in New York who are physically, emotionally and sexually drawn to each other. Kate Elliot and Nicholas Bryant are just what each other needs but their relationship has never been easy. In this third book, the ghosts of Nick's past are now crawling back into his life and want a piece of it. Will they or their relationship survive?

This time, the book has lesser sex scenes in it but the intensity has not toned down. Yes, this is more intense than the previous two books, both in the story line and sex scenes. Fortunately, the events are more demanding and fast-paced. A lot of things were happening that kept me glued to it. More surprises , explosions and unexpected turns. If not for the hot scenes, this book would have definitely been a one-of-a-kind pure suspense ride. I admit, I honestly enjoyed this and I think this is the best of the three. And to top it all, there is a cliffhanger at the end. I am sure, this is not the last will hear of Kate and Nicholas. I can't wait.

I did not think that I would actually enjoy this book. The title alone, seems very steamy as it is. I am not really into that genre though once in a while I chance upon them. Yes, I have read Fifty Shades of Grey and this book seems to be on that same plane though this is not really a BDSM. I think that is what I least like about the book which is really minor. It has a similar tone as Fifty Shades of Grey though I think this one, the female protagonist is really bad ass and is way better. A stronger character, feisty and more spunk. Absolutely not the tamed or sweet kitty type. Kate always surprises me with each facet of her character that she reveals. I am just as surprised as Nicholas. Also, I think the writing is better in this book. So why did I sign up for this book?  I signed up to read this one because it got me at ARC. Yes, I feel like a kid on Christmas every time I see the word ARC. As long as it says ARC, I would like to get my hands on it. I would not mind the genre. And I would love to be surprised and proven wrong. This book did good on both counts. I am glad. It's true, some books just find you.

I give it four and a half handcuffs. If you happen to read the series, from the first book to the third, you would notice the development of the story and the writing. As the story progressed, your attention is also demanded more. If you read the first book and thought it wasn't that engaging, that was what I felt too. But good things come to those who wait. And the author has made good on that promise. Even better on this third installment. I think it will be far greater on the next one. Congratulations Miss Gray! Definitely worth my time. Thank you.

Can I say now move over Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey? Here comes Kate Elliot and Nicholas Bryant. 

Release Date: October 21, 2016

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