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The Meddlers of Moonshine (Moonfall Mayhem #2) by A. E. Decker | ARC | A Book Review

This is an eARC. I had a blast reading the first book, The Falling of the Moon, so I was really psyched to read this one. I have great expectations.

The book picks up after leaving the Kingdom of Albright. Ascot Abberdorf, along with her friends, Moony her winged-cat, Rags-n-Bones the vagrant who loves avocados, Dmitri the giant wolf and the Catch the Captain of the guards of Albright. The group is on their way to Buenovillia. But somehow, Rags got separated from the group. They found him by a clearing under a tree and was digging something from the ground. It was a comb. With Rags' discovery and his insistence to stop by Widget, the town in the mouth of Moonlight Valley, the home of Moonlight Muscatel (the most delicious wine), the group decided to indulge him. And to Widget they went where great adventures or misfortunes await.

The Meddlers of Moonshine (The Moonfall Mayhem #2) by A. E. Decker Book Review

What have you guys gotten yourselves into? That was my first reaction as the first few chapters of the story unfold. It seemed that the group has landed on a great misfortune when they set foot into this town. I feared that this might be a mistake. I was so anxious and dreaded to know what mysteries were surrounding Widget. A town with colorful and suspicious inhabitants. This was a continuous fireworks of revelations. An astounding library of stories that exploded right in my face. This is a town full of secrets waiting far too long to be released. If book one was hilarious even if some of the trials that Ascot has to go through were dangerous, this one is far more deadly and I find no humor in it at all. I was cringing and worried for our friends here. I was doubting if they could come out alive from Widget. This time also, Rags has a lot riding on his shoulders. He has to put in his weight to help out the team. How relieved I was that the team pulled through again this time and Rags has gotten to know himself better. 

I badly needed to know what's going on with Catch. What is he hiding? I can't wait to know his story. Maybe in book three he will get his chance to tell us? Like Ascot, I sometimes feel infuriated with Catch. He is just so unpredictable and goes on his own to do his bidding without telling anyone. I totally understand how Ascot feels. Oh, Catch, please stop lying already! 

I give The Meddlers of Moonshine 5/5 delicious avocados. The story is as tasty as the fruity treat. I devoured it all and I am hungry for more. I think I would go crazy waiting for book three to come out. When and how long could it be? I hope Miss Decker is writing it already. If not, she has to start writing, like right now! Or else, I would have to resort to eating avocados to keep myself busy while enduring the long wait.

By  the  way, I like   the  way  you're doing  the books.  Giving each  member of the  team  a  chance   to   shine. Like  in  book  one, it  centers   on   Ascot  and book  two  tries  to   bring  Rags-n-Bones  in  to  the limelight. I  am  curious  to know who  would  be  the   next  character that  would be  featured. I  fervently hope  it's  Catch  this   time. Come  on, we  are  all   bugged  out  what  Catch's deal is. So please humor me, write Catch's story  in  the  next  book. Thank you very much.

I think I will just have to read two more books of A. E. Decker. If the next two stories would prove to be as hypnotizing as the two books I've read, then she'll sure be welcomed into the halls of my favorite authors list. Congratulations Miss Decker on this one. Freaking awesome!

I think I have learned a lot of new words on this story than any other fairy tale book. Words like thaumaturgical, diurnal, etc.

Release Date: October 25, 2016

Thank you again A. E. Decker and for the giveaway.

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