Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sweet & Sassy Anthology: Stormy Kisses by Various Authors | A Book Review

This is a collection of six short stories by different authors. As the title suggests, a common factor in the stories is rain and storm. Before the start of each story is a brief summary.

Here are the list of the stories, their authors and some quotes. Be prepared to fall in love, over and over and over again. 

Love Right by Rebecca Rode
...there are hundreds of Ones for us, men who bring out the best in us, who complement different parts of our personalities - who bring strengths to our weaknesses. Men who can literally complete us in an infinite number of ways, And sometimes you're lucky enough to find one who transcends the ratings altogether.
Waves of Deceit  by Donna K. Weaver

You can't fight indifference, but hate you can turn around.

Secrets in the Storm by Cindy M. Hogan
She was just a bad experience I had to have on my way to finding you.

Back to You by Jo Noelle
I've never thought of water as being a destructive force. It's so fluid, life giving, peaceful. 
...I'll never forget its power, like a brick wall moving through this little canyon, destroying. All from little drops of water. I'm enthralled by the incredible power before us. 
Twisters and Textbooks
It hadn't felt like closure - it had felt like ripping bandages off wounds that were still as raw as the day she created them
Zoey's Place by Rael Branton 
Though I was healed, there were still ghosts in my past. There would always be, and they would color my future. They wouldn't control me or my choices, or decide my happiness, but sometimes the wounds of my past still hurt almost more than I could bear.

Sweet & Sassy Anthology: Stormy Kisses by Various Authors Book Review

These were really great stories. I like them all. Each has a unique story line and I wished they were longer. I can't decide which one was my favorite. I enjoyed them all so much. They were sweet but not sappy.  All the women in the stories embodied strength of character. They were not hapless maidens waiting for knights in a shining armor to save the day. Though, the men were there nevertheless to make sure our heroines were safe and gave them more strength when doubts started to set in. I like that the stories spotlighted empowered women. Women who are really good, if not excel in their careers.

The stories were all well-crafted and the authors really spent time trying to come up with a really great plot. It was a delight to be reading these stories and I can't help but feel the tension and danger the characters had to go through. I was transported to the various scenes in the stories. It brought back happy memories like the first time I tried to zip line over a forest. And I wish that one day  I could ski in the slopes of Colorado. All these stories brought back similar experiences that made me relate to the characters and the circumstances they were in.

I give it 4/5 dark rain clouds. This is an excellent collection. The stories were really inspiring. They make me want to fall in love over and over again. I would love to read them all in full version.

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