Thursday, October 20, 2016

In the Hands of the Unknown (The Field Researchers #1) by A. E. Hellstorm | A Book Review

In the Hands of the Unknown by A. E. Hellstorm Book Review

I chanced upon the author's Facebook page and she was asking if anyone wants to review this book. I can't remember if I have read the blurb but I think it was H.P. Lovecraft that made my decision. I am familiar with the name. I am sure since he is so popular, some of you have heard of him too. But unfortunately, I have not read any of his books. And this book was based on the world created by that famous author. So, I was curious. And since it's October, the traffic on the the entire social media was all about Halloween. I was thinking this was a good scary book to read. I have not read a lot of horror novels. There is only one that is on top of my head - The Bazaar of Bad Dreams by Stephen King. So, as evidenced by this post, I got a copy of the book. Thank you again A. E. Hellstorm.

In the Hands of the Unknown  is about  a FBI team called Field Researchers. Any case that is out of the ordinary and leaning towards the bizarre is assigned to this team. There are three members of the team. One is our main character - Miriam Goldblum. So, there was one of these cases. It was a girl who died after coming home from camping. And the facts surrounding the cause of death were very disturbing. The team will soon find out that this case is far more complicated and sinister than any they have ever worked on. Will our three friends be able to get to the bottom of this?

It was late in the night when I started reading this. The lights were out and the rest of the house was asleep. I prefer to read at night because by then I would have finished my chores and I won't have to worry about anything interfering with my reading. So, a few chapters in to the story, I was starting to feel cold and thought I should not be reading this in the dark. Well, the air conditioning unit is on, so that would explain the cold. And as I said, every one else was sleeping so lights were out. I was reading an e-book, so the lights were not an issue. I just realized that the atmosphere was all set for the story and my imagination started running to where it shouldn't. I started looking around the room and tried listening for unfamiliar sounds. Yes, the first few chapters had me feeling a little creepy but I could not put the book down. I was thinking, "this is just a story. Horror movies are far scarier than this because of all the sound and effects. I am just reading. The only sound I would be hearing would just be my breathing and that should not scare me". I was trying to reassure myself by giving my self a pep talk.

In short, I did not finish the book. I had to sleep too.(Sounds like an excuse?) The next day, after lunch, with the sun so bright by our terrace, I picked up where I left off. And to my dismay, it was not as exciting as the last time I was reading it. Not because the story was not interesting anymore but because it was warm and sunny. I had to admit, the dark and coldness of the night added to the thrill. It felt like I was really there with the FR team and examining the dead bodies. Like how it is when the hair on your neck stands on its end and you have goosebumps all over your arms.

I was still glued to the book, even though there was a noticeable difference in the ambiance. Like some character in a horror movie who was not supposed to open the door or follow the sound, but can't help but do it anyway. That was how it was for me. I had to finish the story fast. I wanted to get to the end as soon as possible. Same with the characters in the story, I had to find out too what or who was the source of all these strange incidents. 

This is probably, one of the best horror stories I have read. In the end, it wasn't that scary after all. My imagination got the best of me. I finished it with the sun in all its glory but it did not dampen my enthusiasm to still enjoy it. In the end, this felt like a mystery/suspense and less like horror but I still had a great time. But the first few chapters were really creepy (shivers). I would love to read more of the next assignments of the FR (Field Researchers) team.  I felt like an honorary member already having to go through this with them. I think I can handle the next one, even with the lights out the whole time.

I give this 5/5 Faberge eggs. You will have to read the book to know about the Faberge  eggs. I  am keeping  my mouth  shut. No, I  am not giving any clues. Trust me, it will be a  very exciting and a creepy experience. You don't want to miss it.

I did not find any quotable lines in the book but I have one really good trivia about chai tea. And for all those tea lovers out there like me, here it is:

Chai's not the exact word for what were drinking (tea). It's Masala Chai, which means "mixed-spiced tea" in Hindi. Masala Chai,was originally used in India as herbal medicine and the earliest mention of this particular kind of tea is from Ayurvedic medical texts. Mostly to improve digestion and clear up mucus. The Ayurvedic traditions has a lot to do with the body and mind connections.