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The Falling of the Moon (Moonfall Mayhem #1) by A. E. Decker

I got an eARC from A. E. Decker of The Meddlers of Moonshine, which is book two. I told myself I need to read book one first. Here it goes.

This is a story of Ascot Abberdorf, daugther of the late Count of Shadowvale. She is expected to marry a dreary Count but she'd rather leave home and meet his one true love. Armed with a book of fairy tales, some stolen silverware and his winged-cat named Moony, she set out to the Daylands to experience the same things like the ladies in the book had and to find her Happy Ever After.

The Falling of the Moon (Moonfall Mayhem #1) by A. E. Decker  Book Review

This is a fairy tale adventure or misadventure like no other. This is like a combination of all fairy tale stories you can think of and put it into one story where the center of everything is a vampire who only eats rats. Ascot is willing to go to whatever lengths to be able to find his prince charming and get her happy ever after. It's amazing that she survived all the challenges she  has to go through just to be with her supposed-to-be one true love. Oh, the crazy things we do for love. But for Ascot, it was everything to her. It was all or nothing. Go big or go home. While in search of her one true love, Ascot helps a lot of interesting and quirky characters along the way. The fairy tale book is like her bible and she was able to meet the prince because she wanted it so much. She would literally go to the ends of the earth if need be. I also commend her for being smart enough to realize that she could never live her life according to a book and she set out to travel and discover more adventures.

I appreciate that the author made this as real as it could get like in real life. That though this story is based on fairy tales, the main character is given a life of its own. Ascot is allowed to realize that if she wanted to have a great life, she can't live the same way as the characters she knew from the book. She has to have her own story. Not an imitation of some princess in a book. I really dig that part. This aspect of the story makes it wonderful because it is being honest. I reveled in the tasks that Ascot has to accomplish. And that she succeeded because of her strength of character and not with the help of magical fairies. With this, I see Ascot as any other normal girl, which makes her even more adorable and believable.

I give The Falling of the Moon 4/5 moons. I can't wait to read the next book - The Meddlers of Moonshine. I wanted Ascot to become my best friend. I think there will never be a dull moment with her because she can always come up with any thing. Her misadventures are just outrageous. I think this should have been appropriately titled The Misadventures of Ascot Abberdorf. And by gah, they are hilariously entertaining and incredible. I wouldn't mind going with her on all of them. I know she has my back. I believe A. E. Decker will soon be part of my favorite authors list. 

This is Ascot's mantra. I love her but I am not sure if I want to follow this one.

The worse you have it in the beginning, the happier you'll be in the end.

- A. E Decker, The Falling of the Moon - 

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