Saturday, October 8, 2016

Journey to the Wizards' Keep by K. C. Cowan, et. al | A Book Review

I always like books about knights, wizards, legends and quests to save the kingdom. Not to mention ladies who are destined to be someone bigger than they perceive themselves to be. This story is along that line. 

Three ladies with different backgrounds meet to end the sufferings of their people. First one is Irene, Princess of Cabbage, who doesn't want an arranged marriage. She wants to marry someone she loves. Aren't we all? Then, Nan, Irene's friend who wants to be a famous dancer. The daughter of a cobbler who is a close of friend and servant of Irene's father. Nan's family lives in the Valley of William Ette where Irene is staying. Then, the Valley of William Ette was suddenly attacked by soldiers from the Secret Valley led by Sir Richard. Both Nan and Irene were taken as prisoners. There they met Kay, the Queen's loyal friend and assistant. Kay helped and escaped with the two ladies. The three would develop fast friendship and are to be bound to each other by a common goal which they set out to fulfill one battle at a time.

Journey to the Wizards' Keep by K. C. Cowan, et. al Book Review

A lot of things happened in the story. A lot of either of the three ladies being captured and the rest would have to devise ways to free the captive one. Or one of them would get separated from the group. Even though these things happen more than twice in the story, it was not in a way repetitive or boring since that capture or separation would lead into another world and challenge for our three heroines. A long the way they would meet people who will become part of their rag-tag group and help them in their quest. I enjoy the idea that each new character has a unique skill or expertise to offer to the team which proved to be very helpful in their battles. Each place they go, there is always a challenge that is to be overcome. I like that each challenge is different and leads them to meet another new character. Sometimes it was hard to keep up with each new addition to the group. This feels like a story with a lot of other stories inside it though they connect with each one seamlessly. You would not know what to expect next. It was so unpredictable and it made me more eager to go to the next chapters. I also liked how it ended. Very unlikely. Sometimes, the simplest endings could be the most effective. I absolutely loved it and I wish there is a next book. Another set of adventures for our three brave ladies with their equally handsome men.

I mentioned that there was a lot of getting captured and separation among the three ladies. It came to a point where I started asking if this is what's going to happen for the rest of the story. I was wondering if they will ever get to somewhere safe or when will journey to the wizards keep will start like the title says. I was doubtful if the wizards will ever appear. I feel like the title must be wrong. It seemed like there was never going to be a wizard's keep looming in the distance. But then again, my apprehension is appeased because the capture or separation needed to happen because it opens up into another world and another challenge to conquer. Yes, it would seem that the challenges are never gonna end. And I feel sorry for our three ladies but to compensate for that the authors came up with a brand new character that would come to our fair ladies rescue. So, I guess, I have nothing to complain for as the authors seem to have anticipated what I was looking for.

I give the book four cabbages in honor of Princess Irene of Cabbage. It was a delight to be a part of this long and very interesting journey of these three ladies. If I were to pick my favorite character, I think it would be Kay. She's independent and she's so capable of protecting herself. Far from being a maiden in distress. The moral of the story is to never belittle yourself or anyone. Each one is unique and you may not know when it would be your time to shine or when the time that your abilities will come in handy. Each one has a purpose and sometimes for most of us, it may take a while to be able to actually figure out what it is. But it will come. I, for one,  am still dying to know what my purpose in this earthen kingdom is. 

Authors: K. C. Cowan, Sara Cole and Nancy Danner
Published Date: 9/13/2016

I got this as a giveaway from  Ravenswood Reviews through in exchange for an honest review.