Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Secret Blush (Jennifer Morgan #2) by Ethan Jones | ARC | A Book Review

As mentioned in my previous post, I got an eARC of The Secret Blush from If you want to get free books, you can sign up to win giveaways. Of course, as a courtesy, you have to post a review for the books. So, here is one.

Our main character, Jennifer Morgan was enjoying her coffee in the morning at her favorite coffee shop H2O (Holistic to Organic). She was picking up her teaspoon which had fallen under the table when the glass front of the shop went flying everywhere. The owner of the shop got killed and some people were wounded in the shooting. Jenn is now dating the beat cop turned-detective next-door neighbor, James. James, after hearing about the shooting in the shop, ran to Jenn's rescue but he can't be involved in the investigation as the case is under a different precinct. James desperately wanted to help but he was warned by his mentor-partner who is a seasoned detective to forward whatever he finds to the detectives in-charge. Only to find out that the incident was not just a random shooting and far bigger and notorious people are involved.

The Secret Blush (Jennifer Morgan #2) by Ethan Jones Book Review

Wow! The story has just started and my pulse is already raising. What with the flyby shooting and someone dead on the spot. This is undoubtedly a really good start. No coffee for me. I don't need to get my heart exploding out of my chest due to more palpitations. I like a good start. It promises of greater things to come. And in this case, positively a lot lot more. It still maintains the character of Miss Morgan as being able to see through people's facade. She is very quick and picks up on little things that are a giveaway of the person's real intentions. And like in the first book, she tries to go against her gut that almost again proved to be her doom. Classic Jennifer Morgan but is also her saving grace. 

I am also glad that Amber is still not helpful. Good to know that she is still being consistent. I would not want her to be anything other than her annoying self. But I still hate the fact that she is the best friend of Jenn. I wished she were just a business partner. Good thing, James is still around to help Jenn. This time, he proves to be even more helpful. He is earning his keep.

I give The Secret Blush four venti cups of coffee. This is upping the ante from book one. More sinister and more surprises. A lot more shady characters. I love how the story evolved from The Secret Affair. I am thinking book three would be beyond incredible judging from what The Secret Blush turned  out. So, Congratulations are in order Mr. Jones. You have exceeded my expectations on this one. I totally did not expect how the events would develop. Believe me, I usually make up scenarios in my mind to anticipate the next scenes. But I was rendered incapable on this one. I think I had a brain-freeze which I did not mind since I was too caught up. The succeeding chapters were too complicated for my mind to even attempt. They were perfectly unforseen. I was so fascinated that I got surprised. I love that I was surprised. So surprised. And it is way past my birthday. Thank you for the belated present. Absolutely thrilled about it. Can't wait to read book three. Hope I could still get an eARC. (Wink, wink)

Release date: October 7, 2016

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Thank you again, E. Jones and for the giveaway.