Wednesday, October 19, 2016

This Book is Random by E. Gerald Buffington | A Book Review

This Book is Random by E. Gerald Buffington Book Review

I won this book as a giveaway from the author for YASH Fall 2016. Young Adult Scavenger Hunt. Thank you again E. Gerald Buffington.

The book is a collection of random day-to-day funny experiences and smart observations by the author. Yes, exactly what the title says - random. There are no chapters. Just a hodgepodge of thoughts and ideas. Whatever tickles the fancy of the author while he is trying to face daily life. You will find here really smart musings that will make you think - "Yeah, that's what I thought too" or "I was asking the same thing". These are thoughts just about anything and they are all over the place, literally and figuratively. This is probably the only book in history that did not need editing. The author has unabashedly spoken what some us dared not ask for fear the question or observation might be too silly. The author channeled out his curious inner child. Just mundane stories that the author had written and spoken out loud which seemed to have taken a life of their own. They have become immortalized and you can't help but think and wonder about them too. There is no taking them back. They are out there for the whole world to ponder.

I enjoyed reading this book. A lot of smiles, nods of agreement, laughter at the hilariousness of the situation and sometimes a raised eyebrow because I did not get the joke. Must be the culture difference. Probably, it was too-Canadian. And some of these jokes that I did not get are still haunting me to this day. I need to understand and get them. Maybe, not today but in the next time I read them. 

I give the book three stars. Just a random rating for a random book. I just like three. Don't ask. This is a light read. When you feel like you have too much on your mind, this is a good book to sort-of clear the cobwebs and just not think at all. Don't expect a "Eureka moment" here.Though, you will still want to use your wits to get some of the punchline but it is not required. What you would you know? This is just random. 

I wished there should have been more random thoughts in the book. I think the author have forgotten some. Maybe he can do a second volume?

Here is a random sample:
I was doing research the other day...
 Let me rephrase.
 I saw it on Facebook!