Friday, October 21, 2016

Operation Earth (Project Ark #2) by L. T. Gibbons | A Book Review

I won this paperback copy as a giveaway through Goodreads. Thank you again L. T. Gibbons. 

Operation Earth (Project Ark #2) by L. T. Gibbons Book Review

This is book two of Project Ark. Operation Earth is about the preparation of both humans and Usonians to go to earth to convince the people to implement some changes to save the planet. On the other hand, some of the best people in their fields like arts, architecture, etc. are sent to Usonia to help in the development of the planet and to prepare it for the next wave of Earthling migrations.

Though this book is already the second in the series, it can still be read alone. I was glad that even if I didn't read the first book, I was still able to understand the story. The flow of the story was a bit slow for me. Probably, because for almost the entire book, it dealt with life in Usonia and then how the ambassadors to Earth were faring in their mission to promote and encourage change. Nothing much happened. Nothing very note-worthy. I am not saying that I was bored with the story. It was just that it was a too easy read. Things were just peachy. I was telling myself the there is definitely something big that is going to happen and I was eagerly anticipating for it. The whole story could not be just all warm and cozy. The worst thing our main characters had to deal with so far were just common teenage problems. I was thinking the whole time, there should be something more. And there it was. I almost wanted to give up on the idea that something big is coming because I thought I was made to wait already too long. Good thing, it still made it to the last chapter. Thankfully. Relieved. The big explosion that I had been waiting for finally came. Finally, the author delivered! I was a happy camper after that. I slept without having disappointed.

I enjoyed the story even though the whole time I was waiting for that surge of adrenaline to happen. And I was made to wait quite a while. I was glad that aliens are pictured as similar to humans except they were just physically superior with clearer skin, taller and really good looking. I was glad that they did not have horns or made out to be reptilian or anything else. Usonia could be akin to Utopia where everything is good and everyone gets along. A planet where its inhabitants subsist on organic produce. This book is definitely telling us to go back to the basics - to plant our own vegetables, raise our chickens and livestock so we can have fresh food everyday. It's telling us to start doing our share in saving our planet. To reduce our carbon footprints, reuse and recycle to minimize the harmful effects we are causing to the environment. I also appreciate that this is a YA book so the young people would be made more aware of state of our planet.

I give this book 3/5 stars. I think the book was too short. I would definitely want to read the first book and the next one. This was a very relaxing read but always be prepared for surprises that might be waiting at the end.

You Earthlings and your inhibitions. You're only inhibited because your society demands it. A society intent on suffocating free will, independent thought and individual behavior. It's sad that people here need alcohol to let go and just be themselves, without worrying what everyone else thinks.
- L. T. Gibbons, Operation Earth -