Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Mixing Business With Pleasure (Books 1 and 2) by Ace Gray

Strictly Business by Ace Gray book review

Strictly Business (Book 1)

I decided to read this book because I got an ARC of the third book - Family Business, which is to be released on October 21, 2016. I wanted to know the whole story before I got on to the third installment. At least, I know what to expect.

Kate Elliot is the founder and CEO of Vesper. It a high-end active clothing line. She is in control of her life and business. Not until she met Nicholas Bryant, the CEO of Bryant Ventures. These two are competitors but they are drawn to each other like magnets. Will Kate be strong enough to avoid Bryant? She has to or her heart or her business will surely crumble.

Yes, this comes with the warning - contains mature content. It is recommended that this should be read somewhere less crowded. We don't want the oldies frowning or raising their eyebrows on you when they see the cover. Yes, a lot of steamy sex. I was actually raising my eyebrows when I read the first time Kate and Nicholas meet. I was - seriously? I didn't think the story or the book was off to a good start.

And more hot scenes coming up. Yes, most part of the book were like that. I was disappointed. I was expecting some story but I think it came late. It did not come out until almost the last few chapters. I think the author was letting her readers enjoy the steamy sex so they will all be surprised when she doles up the real meat of the story. It happened to me too, the surprise. Okay, I admit, very slightly enjoying the steamy sex. I guess it was too much in one story. Anyway, I wish there was a lot more going on than just a lot of sex. The good part did not come until I almost thought that this was a waste of time. I mean I've read Fifty Shades of Grey. Yes, all three. And this one seems to be giving out the same flavor. I was looking for something different. Fortunately, the author had it, except that I think she made the readers wait far too long. 

I give the book three handcuffs. I would have written off this book if not for the amazing save at the last part. I agree, it was nicely done which makes me want to read the next book. Hmmmm... Maybe, that was the plan all along? Get them bored to their wits and then wake them up with a sting. Yeah, I get it.

Bad for Business by Ace Gray book review

Bad for Business (Book 2)

The story picked up exactly where Strictly Business ended. Right on the dot. 

This book is gratefully a lot better than the first book. I know, Miss Gray was holding out on us. Still a lot of steamy sex but there was more emphasis on the plot. I think this was a great improvement from the first one. And Miss Gray started on giving out her surprises which are totally unexpected. This book made me start to like the story but I was still wary to be fully taken in. It still has a slight likeness to Fifty Shades of Grey. You know, a hot and handsome CEO who likes to have sex a lot. Good thing the likeness  ended there. I think this book had a lot going on unrelated to sex which is what I wanted. I am not really into this genre so I had high expectations. I wanted it to be something I have not read before and would grip me without the help of those hot scenes. And this book did it. So, this book set the mood for the third book - which is anticipation. A desire for more surprising events that would be more memorable than those that happened in bed.

I give Bad for Business three and a half handcuffs. And by now, I should have known that Ace Gray has a habit of making you want for more. But I was still surprised when she did it again on the last part. It wasn't unexpected but still I was not ready for it.

You do know me. Because I begin and end with you. 
- Ace Gray, Bad for Business (Mixing Business with Pleasure #2) -

Family Business (Mixing Business With Pleasure Book 3)