Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Manuscript Found in Accra by Paulo Coelho

Manuscript Found in Accra by Paulo Coelho book review

A very close friend from Manila visited me here in Cebu and brought this book to read while waiting for her flight. Truth be told, this book did serve its purpose. Her flight to Cebu was delayed for more than 8 hours. She had finished the whole book and her plane has not yet arrived. And to think, my friend is not exactly a book nerd. She reads on occasions and this is one of those times. The end of the story is, she gave the book to me since she was done reading it. Thank you again Prizy for the gift. This is an addition to my growing Paulo Coelho book collection.

Manuscript Found in Accra are papyruses written in three languages - Hebrew, Arabic and Latin, found by Sir Walter Wilkinson in 1974. Their origin was traced back to the city of Accra, outside the Egyptian territory. The author met Sir Walter's son in Wales when he was promoting one of his books and mentioned about the manuscript. Then in November 2011, the author received a copy of the text mentioned in that meeting. The book is a transcription made by author of the said manuscript.

It is a superb source of wisdom for the troubles and fears that beseech us. I, for one found this very useful. It simplifies the complexities of some of the concerns and issues that plague us in our daily lives. It is wisdom of ages that will never become obsolete and will continue to enlighten human existence, even in the years to come. 

Paulo Coelho as always never fails to impart wisdom in its truest essence. Wisdom in its rawest form, without any taint of prejudice or malice. He is like a light for those that needed enlightenment. I have always found his books very moving and introspective. They make me examine my life in a different angle and shed some explanation on the doubts that festers within. Manuscript Found in Accra is a simplified self-help book. It is like a manual for day to day living. It screams how to live your life better. It openly tells you to just read it every time you are in doubt, in fear, restless and caught up in all other human emotions that often stop us in our tracks. If you experience any of these emotions, just go to that chapter where it breaks it down to an atom which makes it less of a burden. It becomes more of a thing to be understood, overcome and mastered, instead of an ax that's hanging over our heads.  This book seems to make things clearer and a little less daunting. It tells you that life is not that all bleak. The dark clouds will soon clear and that there is always hope. Although sometimes, hope is not that always obvious and visible.

I give this four stars. Though in truth, I need not need to rate this book. I think this is one of those books that is exempt from any rating. There is no measure as to how this book will help or affect the person who reads it. It gives light. Four stars because I wanted it to be like the other books he has written. I wanted it to be a story but this one does not come in that form all throughout the book. Though I appreciate the background story he laid out about the manuscript and how each nugget is imparted. I don't know if I am making sense but I just felt there was something missing in its form but the substance is not lacking. I know, substance over form. I just want to say there is just this feeling that there should have been more. I just can't put my finger on it.

There is nothing wrong with anxiety. 
...we will have to learn to live with it - just as we have learned to live with the storms.
For those who cannot learn to do so, life will be a nightmare. 
- Paulo Coelho, Manuscript Found in Accra -