Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Quarterback (Alpha Billionaire Bad Boy Romance #1) by Jess Winters | ARC | A Book Review

Quarterback (Alpha Billionaire Bad Boy Romance #1) by Jess Winters Book Review

I got a DM from the author on Instagram asking if I wanted to read and review her book. Whenever I get messages like this, I feel both excited and honored. Excited because I am offered to read a new book. In most cases it has not been published yet and the word ARC is just music to my ears. And even if the book has been published, I would still not pass on the opportunity to read it, especially if I would be getting it free. Honored, because I am really just a an infant in the blogging world. I started my travel and book blog January of this year and so far, I have around 2,100+ views on my book blog. I am not going to over analyze what that number means but I am just glad that I have time to finally be able to blog. It has been in my mind since forever and finally, even though my personal circumstances are not ideal, it has been a blessing to be able to do this. So, being fairly new in this arena, I am just thrilled to have some authors or publishers approach me and ask to review a book. If you are a fan-girl, hands up! I usually say yes, though I have said no to one only because I had been reading a lot of the same genre and I wanted to take a rest for a while. I wanted to read something else different. Thank you again Jess Winters for the opportunity to read your work.

Quarterback is a steamy adult romance about a quarterback and the daughter of the coach. Yes, totally against the rules. That fairly sums up the book. It was really really short. Around 50 pages. I wanted it to be longer. I wanted it to explore more some of the aspects of the plot. The plot is very promising. I don't think I have read anything similar. I wanted to see how the plot could be span into something more that would make my eyes bulge with wonder.

I give the book two footballs. I wanted it to be longer. It felt like I was just reading an excerpt. It was too short. I think a hundred pages shorter than most books. I think it was shorter than a novella. It was disappointing because I think the plot contains a lot of promise. It should have been explored and more characters were introduced into the story. The relationship between the two main characters should have been expounded. Details on how they met, how they started out and how their relationship evolved. The ending also was very vague. It somehow hinted that there might be a next book and it could also be taken that it was just it. But since this was intended to be a series, there is surely a next book. The ending was good but it would have been better if there was a hint of suspense at the end. Something that would want the readers to beg to get the next book out as soon as possible. There should have been a very tiny teaser of what might be waiting for the readers on the next book. I just felt that aspect was lacking too.

I am really sorry but I did not enjoy the book. I don't hate it. It took a while for me to come up with this review because I don't know how I should write this, knowing how I felt about it. I can't emphasize enough that the plot was intriguing but it was not enough. I strongly felt that there should have been more. Yes, the operative word here is mooooore. The pages should make the readers glued at the same time can't wait to get to the end. Hopefully, book two will be better that this one. 

Release Date: October 12, 2016