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93% Chance I Don't Hate You by L. Taylor and Amy H. Lynn | A Book Review

93% Chance I Don't Hate You by L. Taylor and Amy H. Lynn | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm!

I got this from Library Thing a few months back and was unable to read it right away. Finally, I have finished the book. This is a sweet romantic comedy story.  An inspirational one.

Preston Ashton Lewis III is a carefree graduating college student. He realized that his hooking up with a different girl every night has gotten old. He wants to try something permanent, probably falling in love and having a girlfriend. Drunk and tried of his lifestyle, Ashton ended up mistakenly signing up for a blind date on an app called Blinder.

Carter Redford is a junior business student and the heir to Redford Entertainment. But if it was up to her, she would be taking up art and marry the person she loves. Not the guy her parents set up for her. With her best friend's suggestion, Carter signed up for a blind date on Blinder.

By some work of fate, these two ended up matching 93% on the Blinder app and agreed to meet in a coffee shop. And the rest of the story is a load of misunderstandings and fighting for what each one wants.

The circumstances how these two formally meet is not unique in any way. A lot of couples have meet through blind dates, texts and social media. Ashton and Carter are acquainted with each but have wrong impressions. When they finally ended up on that blind date, they found each other to be opposite of what they thought. The attraction was inevitable.

Ashton is a prime example of what a typical modern guy is. One who is not so into commitments and just wants to play the field. Until he realized that there has to be more to this happy-go-lucky lifestyle. Like what they say, the right girl changes a guy into a loyal and committed one. 

Carter. At first, her character is a bit annoying because she started as someone who is just saying yes to her parents. She seemed to lack a backbone. Someone who is a bit superficial because, just like her parents, she seemed to care a lot about their name and reputation and less about what she really wants and standing up for them. Thankfully, her character grew and finally found the courage to stand up for her own beliefs and make her parents see her perspective. I was standing and clapping Carter when she finally burst out and just said her piece. That's the girl I was looking for. 

But let's not forget that the transformation of these two main characters were also due to the incessant interference of their beloved best friends--Jackson and Sofia. These two are just the epitome of the best friends in the whole world. And let's not ever forget the main man of this story--Chad **ck** Winston. When I say main man, he's a total jerk. He is the worst example of an entitled jerk. Yes, don't ever name your child Chad Winston.

One of the funny references in the story was one about Chuck Bass. I think comparing Chad Winston to Chuck Bass was not really an insult because I think Chuck Bass is way better than Chad Winston (I'm a fan of the series). But still, it was funny if you got the reference. 

I give the book 4/5 pairs of bowling shoes. This was a fun read. A good break from all the tedious and heavy drama in real life. Thank you Library Thing, L. Taylor and Amy H. Lynn, for the copy. I am looking forward to the next book.

One person's perfection isn't another's perfection, and that's why striving for perfection is pointless and a waste of time.

Guess hindsight is really 20/20, huh?

- L. Taylor and Amy H. Lynn, 93% Chance I Don't Hate You - 

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