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The Lost Knight (Lost Knight #1) by Candy Atkins | A Book Review

The Lost Knight (Lost Knight #1) by Candy Atkins | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm!

I got this from but I first knew of this book through one of many cover reveals I joined in. I am thankful that this got featured by Kathy of Now, I have the chance to read the book.

I love stories about knights. I have always been fascinated by the King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, the Three Musketeers and the Knights of the Templars. Everything about knights always caught my fancy. So, it's no wonder why I wanted to read this book.

Unlike any other stories about knights, this one will surely shock you. I was, when I realized that unlike any knights I knew, this one happens to be a girl. Yes, a teenage girl. What in the world? You may ask. How could a girl be a knight? Well, this one is and she is the last one of her kind. Agatha Stone is the last knight.

Agatha is a foster child and bullied in school. Then, one night, a stranger came into her room telling her she is being rescued. Why does she needs rescuing? Is she a prisoner then? How can that be? All these questions were racing through Agatha's head but time is of the essence. Either she trusts and go with this stranger or get trapped in this room for the rest of her life. Does she have a choice? She went with the stranger who looked liked Grim Reaper yet being with him makes her safe and comfortable.

This is a coming of age story for an orphan whose existence has been so limited and inconsequential to other people. She doesn't matter to anyone except to an alternate world awaiting her return. A world where she is the only hope to save it. All of a sudden, Agatha turns from a nobody to a hero that everyone has been waiting. Will she be able to step up to the challenges and expectations? So little time and too much to learn.

I give this book 4/5 pegasus. I really enjoyed this story. It is a very enticing start to a very interesting and captivating adventure. The heart-stopping and cliffhanger ending is just so unexpected. I thought, Agatha's life would be safer now that she is where she's supposed to be but that is not true. Dangers are everywhere. Her presence and existence threatens someone. All I have are more questions. They make me want to go and grab the next book so I could continue my adventures with Agatha. 

Dyslexia is like having legs that can run a thousand miles, but not learning how to walk until you're thirty. It's a superpower. A very hard-to-control superpower.
- Candy Atkins, The Lost Knight - 

Thank you, Kathy of, for the copy. Sorry for the delayed posting of the review.

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